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Before fused together into one co-dependent, philanthropic, jet-setting entity, there was another "it" couple in Hollywood. Brad & Jen were before hashtags even existed. They were the king and queen of the early 2000s, and they broke our collective heart when we found out the king had found himself a new queen.

But now, 's divorce from is nearly final, and rumor has it he couldn't resist reaching out to his first wife . One source told Us Weekly that the former flames have been in contact since February 11:

"They started talking once he wished her a happy birthday."

Brad Pitt 'Friends' [Credit: NBC]
Brad Pitt 'Friends' [Credit: NBC]

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Apparently, Brad had to root through "a tangled web of contacts" to find Jen's phone number, but once he did, the pair have continued to exchange messages. The source went on to say:

"[He] has confided in Jen... Brad told her he’s having a hard time with his split and they exchanged a few texts reminiscing about the past."

A lot has changed since 2005: Brad is the father of five kids with with Jolie, and Aniston is happily married to Justin Theroux. The sun has definitely set on the time for these two to be together, but it's nice to know that they're able to be amicable. Even Aniston's new husband doesn't mind the pair being on good terms:

"Justin is OK with them being friends. Jen just wants to be nice."


Do you think Brad and Jen might get back together?

(Source: Us Weekly)

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