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In another step in the Angelina-Jolie-and-Brad-Pitt-now-hate-each-other saga, Jolie's uber divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, has filed documents saying that her client agrees with , they should keep their business private, while simultaneously dropping a big fat gossip bomb.

Per TMZ's report:

Angelina just filed legal docs saying she agrees with Brad, their business should be kept private, but says it’s audacious of him to accuse her of airing their dirty laundry in public. According to legal docs, filed by Laura Wasser, Brad is lashing out because he’s “terrified that the public will learn the truth."

Pitt & Angelina in 'Mr & Mrs Smith' [Credit: FOX]
Pitt & Angelina in 'Mr & Mrs Smith' [Credit: FOX]

See also:

Yep, you read that right: Brad Pitt is apparently "terrified" that we will discover the "truth." This is massively shady comment on 's behalf because you can't just say things like that without backup because it makes minds like mine run wild. What is this truth? Could Pitt actually be emotionally and physically abusive? Could he be part of some debaucherous cult like the one Tom Cruise stumbles upon in Eyes Wide Shut? Does he deeply regret breaking up with Jennifer Aniston? Is he gay and in a secret, long term relationship with George Clooney?

I'm gonna go with the Clooney angle until further clarification because this is just what happens when you say things like that without providing proof. Sry, Brad.

What do you think the "truth" is?

(Source: TMZ)


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