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Two former Sexiest Men Alive might be great actors, charming, good-looking, and with loads of talent, but there's one thing and apparently can't do, and that's beat a toddler in basketball. HAH. In your FACE, genetic blessings!

As Yahoo writes,

Titus Ashby might only be two-years-old, but he’s already making mince-meat of super stars.

The toddler became a viral sensation for his incredible basketball skills and his ability to make a basket from just about any angle or beat just about anyone … and now that includes Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum. The little guy met the movie stars during an appearance on the Spanish TV show, “El Hormiguero” and wound up beating the pants off the two former Sexiest Men Alive. Titus won over Channing 14-5, and scored a victory over Bradley with 14-8.

I can't even walk down the street most days without tripping over my own two feet, so consider me impressed.

(Source: Yahoo)


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