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Bradley Cooper is currently one of Hollywood's biggest leading names, thanks to his fan-favorite turn as Phil Wenneck in The Hangover and Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon. The talented actor, who has scored three nominations for Best Actor in the Oscars, has played a variety of characters but his next potential role could be a person even more famous than himself – at least among wrestling fans. If Cooper accepts the offer to star in the upcoming biopic Pandemonium, he could bring none other than WWE chairman Vince McMahon to life on the big screen.

Bradley Cooper Could Become The Boss In Pandemonium

'The Hangover Part II' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'The Hangover Part II' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

As reported by PW Insider, the producers of Pandemonium approached the Silver Linings Playbook star and offered him the lead role of Vince McMahon. Though Cooper's answer has yet to be revealed, industry sources confirm that the script is currently on his table. Pandemonium is a biopic about the current majority owner, chairman, and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Vince McMahon, who is simply known as "Mr. McMahon" or "The Boss" when he's in the ring.

The plan for the WWE boss' biopic is to score an A-list actor in the leading role - a move the producers hope will attract potential financiers and filmmakers to the project. Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the directing team behind the Tina Fey vehicle Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, are attached to direct the biopic that's based on a script written by Craig A. Williams.

Earlier this year, the biopic was announced by both WWE and TriStar Pictures, along with some details of the script and what it could have been. Pandemonium has gone through major changes and rewrites since its inception in 2015, and it's safe to assume that the final product will be significantly different from Williams' vision even if some of his original ideas are retained.

[Credit: WWE]
[Credit: WWE]

Some of the biopic's original events included Vince meeting his wife, Linda, in a 'nudie bar' during the '70s, his friendship with announcer Robert James Marella a.k.a. Gorilla Monsoon, the highly-publicized trial about the use of steroids in the WWE during the '90s and the ensuing fallout after the trial revealed McMahon's infidelities to the world. The biopic would also see popular wrestlers of the time, such as Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, make appearances throughout.

Previous versions of the biopic also reportedly had risque scenes that showed the damaging effects steroids could have on a man's sex drive and genitals, a brawl in a plane between wrestlers caused by excessive drug use, the McMahons having sex in the Madison Square Garden, and lots of raunchy humor and cursing – especially from the McMahons. As expected of a WWE production, the events shown in the biopic were promised to be "as true as anything in professional wrestling."

Pandemonium has the chance to shed light on the larger-than-life world of professional wrestling, which has become one of the most lucrative forms of entertainment in the world. Telling this story from the perspective of one of the WWE's most infamous and controversial personalities is already an interesting premise on its own, and it could become even better should someone as talented as Cooper sign on.

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(Sources: PWinsider)


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