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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been at the top of the box-office for almost a full month, and most of us are still listening to the movie's soundtrack on repeat. The film has been a critical and financial success, and the presence of Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) mix-tape has become even more significant due to Gunn's impressive ear for music throughout the expansive sequel. While people have been humming 'Fox On The Run' and showing their greatest Groot-moves to 'Mr. Blue Sky', but it was Elliot Lurie's 'Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)' that provided the most heartfelt storytelling throughout the movie, focusing on the connection between Meredith Quill (Laura Haddock), Ego and Peter.

The song features throughout the opening sequence, as Ego and Meredith ride in a T-top convertible, and again on Ego's planet, when Peter and Ego (Kurt Russell) discuss the metaphorical lyrics. While expressing his gratitude for Gunn, Elliot Lurie opened up about how he was approached by Marvel to use the 45 year-old classic,

"The first Guardians is not the type of movie that I would normally watch, but I had heard so many great things that I put the DVD in and from the first moment I was hooked. I got a request from my music publisher about nine months ago to use 'Brandy' for sequel, and I immediately said we have got to get this into these great movies. And then I started to read scene descriptions sent over to the publisher and I said, 'Wow, this is more than a background tune. This is really in the story.'"

So, What Did The Song Mean, Pre-Guardians vol. 2?

Lurie had written the song in the early '70s while working at bars and fraternities with his college friends, who had formed Looking Glass together. Although Ego and Peter had their own interpretations of the song, Lurie expanded upon the true history of the song and his inspiration for penning it.

"I had a high school girlfriend named Randye, and I was saying her name over the chords and then I made up the verses and the story. In my mind, it was a nineteenth century port with sailors and barmaids and things like that. So, the name is borrowed from my high school girlfriend and then changed to Brandy because obviously that makes a lot more sense when you are a barmaid."

However, the song takes on further meaning when applied to a movie that centers on a celestial planet and his apparent love for an earthling.

'Brandy' In Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2:

As the songs are an extension of Meredith Quill, Lurie expressed his surprise on knowing how Gunn has actually used his hit song in the movie,

"It was very interesting to me that in the opening scene you have Peter's mom in a T-top convertible singing along at the top of her lungs on the way to a Dairy Queen in a spring afternoon. That is the way the song was intended when it was first written. It was a story song, and the band I was with, Looking Glass, we were hoping and praying for a hit record that people would play in their convertibles with the tops down."

Gunn masterfully used the lyrics to represent Meredith as Brandy and Ego's thirst for expansion as the sea. The song further plays into the Quill family dynamic because Peter turns on his father for killing Meredith instead of giving into the infinite power, unlike Ego (who did the exact opposite). Lurie lauded Gunn for finding the meaning that he might have used intuitively,

"And maybe, in retrospect, subconsciously it was a metaphor. It is certainly the use that has shined the brightest light on the song since it was originally a hit."

It's interesting to see how Gunn has not only immortalized Meredith Quill, but has also provided a profound meaning for Elliot Lurie's song. So, even though fans have started to submit their suggestions for the third 'Awesome Mix', it will be interesting to see how Gunn will top his previous chart-busting compilations in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Which is your favorite song from 'Awesome Mix Vol. 2' and why?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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