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Hidden cam pranks have a massive appeal to general audiences in Brazil. Some TV channels have been broadcasting prank-oriented shows for a few decades already. It is not only successful among the majority of its viewers (who honestly enjoy the good laughs), but also among the skeptical people who believe the pranks to be staged.

It has become a trend in the past years inside SBT — one of the country's largest TV Networks — to team up with the marketing guys responsible for some mainstream horror releases. The pranks are incredibly inventive and make a humongous success. Staged or not, they are so well conceived that it's hard not to be impressed. I have posted some of them before, but this list is going to be a compilation of all these highly impressive "hidden cam" pranks on Silvio Santos's program that are completely changing the pranking game.

You can check even more of these pranks on SBT's own YouTube channel.

Note: Most of them have English subs. For the ones who don't have it, I will add a short description.

7. The Conjuring 2

Right before the release of The Conjuring 2, they released one of the most complex hidden cam pranks ever made. It has more production value than a lot of films out there. It even got an introduction by James Wan himself!

6. The Boy

The Boy was another film to get its own prank. Once more, the level of planning and the complexity of the practical effects are mind-blowing. As it happens in the film itself, people are supposed to take care of the doll, following 10 simple rules! Of course, it didn't turn out well.

5. Poltergeist

Is the Poltergeist reboot a good film? Not really. But how about the Poltergeist prank? Most definitely. Better than the film, at least.

4. Chucky

Curse of Chucky was the smallest, least commented film in the franchise, even though it is one of the best entries in Chucky's series. This prank was one of the first, and it had a midget playing the most famous killer doll out there.

In this one, people waiting for a bus are terrorized by the killer doll Chucky.

3. Annabelle

The prank created to promote Annabelle remains the most popular one inside and outside of Brazil, with more than 24 million views on YouTube!

By the way, did you know Annabelle and The Conjuring I & II are the highest grossing horror films ever in Brazil?

2. Carrie

Last but not least, another remake got a very popular hidden cam around here, Carrie! It was inspired by a very popular American prank about a girl with telekinesis inside of a coffee shop, have you ever seen it?

This is the original one:

1. The Lazarus Effect

Following the trend, Paris Filmes teamed up with Não Salvo, one of Brazil's most popular web-culture pages, to create a promotional prank for The Lazarus Effect.

Definitely not as elaborate as the other ones, it features some random delivery guys who take water bottles to a funeral set inside an office building. Some people inform the guys they are in a funeral, and then things get worse when they encounter the corpse.

Want to take part in a horror game? Click pause at any point during the video below to find out how YOU die in a horror movie:


Which one is your favorite horror film prank?


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