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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Breaking Bad has been such a spectacularly well-acted affair from the smallest role upwards, that it’s no wonder that Bryan Cranston and co. are pursued relentlessly by casting directors (arguably a bit of wishful thinking from my side there).

No exception in this matter is Jesse Plemons who starred in the fifth season of the AMC series as baby faced sociopath Todd.

Now, The Wrap reports that Plemons will meet Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams next week, and apparently has already taped an audition for the movie.

The outlet goes on to speculate that the actor might, just might play Luke Skywalker’s son. And it's true: Plemons does have a certain resemblance to the young Mark Hamill (with more than a dash of Matt Damon thrown in for god measure).

Who knows? If the force is strong in him...


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