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Breaking Bad made a glorious return on Sunday night with "Blood Money," the first episode of the show's final season run. It was a spectacular opening salvo that finally saw Walt and Hank have their long-awaited showdown. The episode also offered subtle hints and clues about what lies ahead in the coming weeks. Below is some of the symbolism that I spotted in "Blood Money" and what it could mean for those involved.

Obviously there are spoilers this way, so if you haven't seen the season premiere then you might want to look away now.

Agent Orange

The opening scene was a flash-forward that saw a bearded and disheveled Walt return to his burnt out and abandoned home. When Walt's neighbor, Carol, spots him she drops her grocery bag on the floor and a bunch of oranges roll out. Oranges are hugely symbolic in Breaking Bad and they were the fruit that fell on Ted after he tripped and broke his neck. It's also worth noting that in 's The Godfather, this most delicious of fruit was the symbol of death. Does the opening scene in "Blood Money" foreshadow the demise of Walter White?


Did anybody else notice that Walt and Skyler were wearing almost identical outfits at the car wash? Both were decked out in a bland pastel ensemble, which could mean one of two things: that they are out of the meth business for good and their clothes are an expression of purity or Skyler is now on the same page as Walt and wants some more of Walt's world. Meth is addictive, but so is power and wealth. I think we are going to see a more ruthless side to Skyler in the coming weeks.

It's a bug's life

Jesse is struggling again with the morality of his past actions. He's a good guy at heart, yet has had to do unspeakable things. A fantastic scene in "Blood Money" saw a cockroach crawl across a glass table as Jesse stared at it passively. He couldn't kill it because he's not a killer. He doesn't belong in this world of violence and mistrust, but he's in too deep. I think Jesse will escape this life the only way he can - by taking his own life.

The king is dead, long live the king!

Lydia's attempt to get Walt to talk business while he was at the car wash fell on deaf ears, which reminded me that Walt had also tried unsuccessfully to get Gus to break character many times at Los Pollos Hermanos. It's was also interesting to see Walt put a towel under his knees when he vomited into the toilet, just like Gus did when he expelled the poison from his system after killing the cartel. With the car wash business looking to expand and the empire growing, Walt has slowly turned into Gus. Will he succumb to the same fate?

Back in business

Walt takes a phone call from Saul concerning Jesse's attempts to give away $5 million and he promises the lawyer that he'll fix it.

Let's just stop for a second and think about it.

Are you really sure that he was on the phone to Saul? I think the scene was cleverly edited to give the impression that Walt was talking to Saul, when in actual fact he was in conversation with Lydia and was telling her that he would come back to work to "fix" the low purity levels of the meth. You can call it a hunch, you can call it a stab in the dark, but I think that Walt is back in the meth making business.

I know it was you Fredo!

When Hank finally confronts Walt, he grabs him forcibly by the back of the neck yelling at him "It was you, all along it was you!" It was a fabulous nod to The Godfather Part II and Michael's revelation to his brother, Fredo, that he knew about his treachery.

That's all I got for now folks. I would love to hear what you thought about the episode. Is there anything here that you don't agree with? Did I miss any key clues? The comment section below is an excellent place for you to share your suggestions, thoughts and theories.



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