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If you don't want spoilers for the final season of AMC's "win ALL THE AWARDS" crime drama Breaking Bad, then you should probably stay off the internet for a while. As in, from now until the last episode airs.

Who should you thank for ruining this for you? Why, none other than the guy who broke into 's car (by smashing a window, no less) and stole the actor's shoulder bag containing his iPad and script for the upcoming final season.

"The guy" is Xavier McAfee, who was arrested Saturday and charged with the theft, according to San Bernalillo Sheriff's Office spokesperson, Officer Aaron Williamson. Cranston, who stars in the Albuquerque-based drama, reported the theft on March 1st.

McAfee is apparently none too bright (a future Darwin Award winner, for sure): He was caught when an anonymous informant rang up one of Cranston's employees, Taryn Feingold, and told her about overhearing McAfee bragging about having the script in a local bar. Seriously, how Hollywood cliche is that? A petty thief steals something and then gets nabbed when he gets drunk and can't keep his mouth shut. Brilliant.

Unfortunately, the script itself hasn't been recovered and there is no word on what McAfee did with the script prior to being arrested. It's unclear as to whether or not the stolen script and potentially leaked plot will cause a rewrite of the story or push back the date of filming the final episodes, which are set to start airing in July.


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