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Not breaking it down like Negan breaking Rick, or someone's skull down, but...yeah, you get it.

So the latest sneak peek for Season 7 of The Walking Dead has arrived, courtesy of New York Comic Con! Here it is, in all its bloody, gory glory:

A fellow TWD junkie Facebook friend of mine put it perfectly:

Let's break this thing down, frame by frame if we have to, and in the end I guarantee you...we STILL won't know who the hell Negan killed.

But first, as always:

Lucille's Victim Is On Rick's Right

Or, one of them, anyway. According to one of the gazillions of the TWD death theories out there, Glenn AND Abraham might get it. Check out Rick's face:

Look at the blood and his eye line, looking down and slightly to his right. Unless those evil video editors mirrored the shot, and the blood on Rick's face is actually on his left, then one of the victims is on his right. Who was on his right?

We can now assume one of the following folks are gone: Maggie (and child), Orange Crush, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, and Glenn. Which one of those are in even worse danger? The end of the clip may tell us.

Lookin' Like A Fool With Your Blanket On The Ground

See that blanket?

Who does THAT belong to? Or, who DID it belong to?

In the finale, a very similar blanket was covering Maggie, before they took her off the stretcher:

I see soon-to-be dead people
I see soon-to-be dead people

But it disappeared when they helped her to her knees. It's safe to assume it's nearby, and to Rick's right is pretty nearby. But if it was already on the ground, then that says nothing.

Of course, one more shot from the Season 6 finale shows the blanket staying on the makeshift gurney:

That means the blanket couldn't have gotten in front of Rick, right?

Daryl was also wearing a blanket:

In the end of the sneak peek, when Negan drags Rick into the camper to have a little chat, the camera goes straight back down to where Rick was sitting, and you see the blanket on the ground. Back in the finale of Season 6, look at the lineup:

No blanket in front of Rick, and nobody but Daryl (far away Daryl) is wearing such a thing. Chalk it up to redoing the scenes and changing them around, or just the producers, as always, messing with us, but we come to the same conclusion.

We. Just. Don't. Know. Who died.

Who's Crying?

There are bits and pieces of crying throughout the clip, because it appears one or more of Rick's group is already dead by the time Negan tells his famously horrible vampire bat joke, but listen to the end of the clip again:

Who does that sound like?

That's right. You guessed it.

Eugene. Or Carl. Or Glenn. Or...crap! It sounds a little like all of them. Even brave Aaron might be crying by this point.

Judging from this shot of Eugene:

And Carl:

The crier between the two is obviously Eugene. But seeing his wife getting bludgeoned to death would make Glenn bawl like a baby, unless you know, he's already dead.

See Also:

That's Using Your Brain

The moral of this story? Even with this gruesome sneak peek, we STILL don't know who got it. We just now know that he/she was to Rick's right. Maybe. And they might have had a dark-colored blanket on them at one point. And they bleed. And someone cried about them dying.

The only thing we know for sure? They sure as hell ain't coming back as a walker.


Come on, October 23rd!


Are you going to watch the season premiere on the 23rd, or has all this teasing, cliff-hanging suspense ticked you off enough that you'll be too busy rioting?


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