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While everyone is extremely excited for 's Man of Steel (We can give you several reasons why), there has definitely been some controversy surrounding director 's liberal interpretation of Metropolis' super savior. From Comic Book Movie and pointing out that it might be impossible for Clark Kent to shave his wooly super-beard to the fact that he's a fisherman instead of a journalist, the history of the character is being slightly rewritten to appeal to modern audiences.

Now, Snyder has dropped the biggest bomb you will ever hear in your life. Like, ever. 's Superman is not a virgin. I repeat: Not. A. Virgin. It turns out that Superman could be a super freak. In the only relevant part of this The New York Times article, Snyder says:

"We assume that Clark is not a virgin — I do. You don’t see that, but that’s the assumption."

Alien, yet familiar, am I right? Considering Superman is seen hitchhiking instead of driving, we still don't know if he's a non-vigin who can or can't drive.

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Who do you think Superman had a roll in the hay with? More importantly, did they survive?


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