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Like many (most?) red-blooded women on Planet Earth, I was glued to the television when Outlander's "Dragonfly in Amber" Season 2 finale aired on Starz this past summer. However, unlike numerous ladies who were captivated and awestruck, I spent the 90-minute runtime just pissed off.

Half of the reason I was angry was due to Claire and Jamie being separated for 20 whole years. The other half was due to just one person: Brianna Randall, a.k.a. Brianna Randall Fraser, a.k.a. the most obnoxious character on this show.

"Hi!  I'm Bratty McBratterson!"
"Hi! I'm Bratty McBratterson!"

When I became an Outlander fan last year, I heard a lot about Claire and Jamie's spunky redheaded daughter in multiple internet circles, and how she was a beloved character in the series. I remember the buzz that occurred on the World Wide Web when people were guessing who would play Brianna in Season 2. A lot of folks were praying it would be Sophie Turner (better known as Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones), but they were still thrilled to learn that the role ultimately went to Sophie Skelton, seeing as she embodied Brianna's "look."

With all that being said, I was pretty interested to see how Brianna would turn out — and I was sorely disappointed in what I saw. She may be considered one of the paragons of the Outlander series, but from what I’ve witnessed so far, she strikes me as a spoiled brat. Here’s some of reasons why.

She Disrespects Her Mother

"Who you think you talkin' to, little girl?"
"Who you think you talkin' to, little girl?"

I’ll be the first to admit, Brianna has had a pretty rough year in 1968. She lost her father in a car accident and she later learned that Frank Randall wasn't really her biological father at all. Her mother confessed that Brianna's true father was actually a sexy Scotsman from the 18th century.

I would have some sympathy for her if she didn’t clearly show blatant favoritism towards her father and contempt for her mother throughout the episode, and later drop an F bomb at Claire after she told Brianna the truth about Jamie being her actual dad. Brianna even went so far as to wish Claire had died instead of Frank, and even talked trash about her mother to strangers in public.

Where I'm from, that's an open invitation to be slapped. Have a sit down, child.

She's Not All That Interesting

"Are you seriously falling asleep on me right now?"
"Are you seriously falling asleep on me right now?"

When Brianna wasn't pissin' me off with her bratty attitude, her personality was just ... meh. She didn’t evoke much interest from me during her more relaxed and chilled moments. Whenever Brianna popped up in the finale, I inwardly begged to see Jamie and Claire’s storyline again.

Let's face it, seeing Claire and Jamie deal with killing a relative, an impending battle, and trying to get Claire back to the stones at Craigh Na Dun was a hell of a lot more exciting than watching Bree and Roger talk about Scottish history and try to figure out events that we already knew about. And speaking of Brianna and Roger, their relationship so far is very reminiscent of Claire and Frank's: a nice couple, but at the same time, there’s really no explosive chemistry. Yawn.

She's Basically The Anti-Jamie

This show totally dispels the nature vs. nurture theory.
This show totally dispels the nature vs. nurture theory.

Don’t let the family resemblance fool you; Brianna is nothing like her biological father. Jamie was sweet, giving and loving. Brianna, on the other hand, is whiny, hardheaded and completely disrespectful.

Yeah, they both have tempers, but Jamie knows how to put his in check when the time comes; Brianna just gets completely carried away with hers. The only thing Brianna gets from Jamie is his doggone hair color.

I just don't see how a woman who was sired by the sweetest man in the world and raised by the second sweetest man in the world could grow up to be such an imp (and don't blame Claire)!

Despite All Her Bad Qualities, There May Be Hope For Brianna Yet

Claire and Brianna actually got along once upon a time...
Claire and Brianna actually got along once upon a time...

Even though Brianna is annoying as all get out, towards the end of the season finale, she did show a bit of promise. After initially telling Claire that she wanted to know nothing about Jamie, she later calmed down and asked her mother to tell her about her real father. She also realized Claire was telling the truth about going back in time after personally witnessing Gellis Duncan (a.k.a. Gillian Edgars) go through the stones to travel to 1740s Scotland.

Maybe, just maybe, Brianna can evolve into an actual likable character.

It's about doggone time!
It's about doggone time!

Back when I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy, the Alex Karev character started off as a real butthole. However, as the show progressed, Alex went from being a hateful antagonist, to a charming and sympathetic protagonist. The same can happen for Brianna. It's very possible that she can go from being a harpy to a true heroine, but man, she has to change.

I want to like her — I really do. She's the product of one of my favorite TV couples. If she could possibly stop being completely disrespectful one minute and bland the next, she may have a chance.

Can she do it? I really hope so.


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