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Expectations are high for Marvel's upcoming female superhero movie Captain Marvel, the first of its kind in the . With Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman having wowed both critics and audiences alike, it's up to to prove that Marvel women have just as much might as the DC superheroines. But Larson doesn't want to stop with just acting — she is also interested in directing a superhero movie for Marvel. And if one ponders over which superhero Brie Larson should bring to the big screen, there's only one that'd be simply Marvel-lous.

Brie Larson: The Director

Just recently, in an interview with Huffington Post, Larson expressed her interest in possibly helming a film in the future for , stating:

"Oh yeah, that’s my plan. Why not? My new life philosophy is I’m not going to tell myself no. I’m just going to do stuff until someone else tells me no."

Larson has already done a solid job on her directorial debut, Unicorn Store, and it's clear that with a bit more experience she could execute a Marvel movie well. With Larson's role as Captain Marvel, and her penchant for comedic storytelling (as she proved in ), the hero Larson brings to life in her potential Marvel directing debut should fit into both these molds. And across Marvel's vast superhero repertoire there's only one hero who fits the bill.

Ms. Marvel: Marvel's Next Superheroine?

'Ms. Marvel' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Ms. Marvel' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The adolescent superhero first entered our lives in 2013, quickly becoming a success with Ms Marvel's creator calling her debut comic the "number one digital seller". This Hugo award winning book character is vastly different from the majority of Marvel's mainstream heroes, as she's a Pakistani-American, superhero obsessed, fan-fiction writing, Muslim superheroine. More than that though, she maintained a strong love for Captain Marvel, choosing the name Ms. Marvel to be more like her hero, ever since she got her powers through Terrigenesis.

Ms. Marvel's immense popularity and her involvement with everyone from the Avengers to the X-Men and has led to fans advocating for her own film or TV series. And while rumors have been flying regarding her getting her own potential series, they were quickly shut down by Marvel TV's head Jeph Loeb who stated that they had no plans for her "at the moment."

This isn't the first time Kamala Khan's name has been brought up with regards to her getting the live-action treatment. Ms. Marvel's role in TV or films was teased by veteran comicbook writer, and ex-CCO of Marvel Entertainment, Joe Quesada back in September of last year. And while that's certainly good news for Ms. Marvel fans, I'd honestly rather see Kamala's debut in Larson's hands more than anyone else's.

Despite Larson not having much directing experience, she can certainly draw on her experiences performing Captain Marvel in helping a younger, sassier (and dare I say, cooler) version of herself to life. Of course Kamala's struggles are very different to those of Carol, but as Patty Jenkins proved, female directors can deliver a more honest take on female superheroes whilst adapting their comic book stories.

The funny 'Ms. Marvel' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
The funny 'Ms. Marvel' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

But it's not just the gender that makes Larson a good candidate for directing a film. The Room actress began her career when she was a child, so having a lot of responsibility put on you from a very young age is something she can relate to and help translate to the screen. Let's not forget that a Ms. Marvel film would foremost be a comedic film, and Brie Larson can certainly handle that well as she showed with Unicorn Store. Plus, how amazing would it be if the real life Captain Marvel was actually guiding the real life Ms. Marvel as she became her own strong woman? Now that'd be a superhero adaptation story for the ages!

What do you think Marvel fans, would you like to see Brie Larson direct a Ms. Marvel movie?

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