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Misty A Fairchild

I don't know about you, but I am a lover of classics from my generation; films such as Dark Crystal, Legend, Labyrinth, Goonies and Tank Girl.

And that's what I'd like to talk about in this article.

Dark Crystal

First off: Dark Crystal. For such a wonderful movie that many people loved and still love today, where is our sequel? I myself have heard talks of a part 2 but have heard nothing else. Why is this? For those of you who have not seen this movie- Get up right now and go and get it! This wonderful story about a young Gelfling having to overcome trials of terror and self doubt is just a delight. When this movie came out it was ahead of its time and didn't get nearly the love it deserved. Maybe it was too far ahead of its time. I demand either a remake or a sequel!


Lets just say. Oh emm gee. And I don't use this childish phrase much. This was one of 's first films and in my opinion one of his better ones. Don't get me started on the oh so amazing , who in this movie was such a mouth-wateringly beautiful class A actress that she really made the movie what it was. was the true star though. His portrayal as the Son of Darkness is worthy of such high praise, he needs his own article.


Labyrinth was one of those movies you would never forget. Yes, another movie with puppets. The dark scenery and music in this one makes my toes curl in delight. David Bowie in his very revealing pants might turn guys away from this movie but give it a chance. Jennifer Connelly plays a self absorbed girl who gets her baby brother kidnapped by the Goblin King (David). She must traverse a ever changing, ever challenging maze to rescue her brother. Much to the Goblin Kings surprise, she triumphs, and he tries to unsuccessfully woo her into being his Goblin Queen.


Who hasn't seen Goonies? Really? A group of misfits go of in search of a treasure. A trio of criminals hot on their trail. A deformed man comes to their rescue with "HEYYY YOU GUUUYYYS!" All to save their town from demolition. Even I do the Truffle shuffle. Haven't seen it? Then you are no movie buff.

Tank Girl

This provocative, post apocalyptic movie with Lori Petty, the hero of the day. Accompanied by Naomi Watts and a band of super kangaroos they are off to save the world by taking down a corporation who is hording all the water and killing anyone who oppose them. Including Tank Girl's boyfriend. This is a great hang out with your friends and get drunk movie.

One last movie that I just remembered. Solar Babies. Just go see it.

Moral of the story. These classics need to be in everyones collection. They deserve our love and an attempt at part two. They really speak to the adventurous side of us all and make us want to go out and explore our imaginations. Any one of these movies take you to worlds that movies these days just don't understand or have come close to. Most of all, there is real attention to detail and love in these wonderful classics. Even if they're not your usual cup of tea, watch them at least once.


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