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Mark Newton

It looks the Headless Horseman has finally picked up the pace and is galloping towards a pilot. Fox's Sleepy Hollow TV series has just grabbed British actor to play the lead role of Ichabod Crane. It was also revealed that the role would be rather different from the one we saw play in 's 1999 Sleepy Hollow movie.

Fox's Sleepy Hollow will be predominately set in the modern day as a supernatural detective thriller, however, Ichabod Crane will actually originate from the Revolutionary War period. That's right, we're talking time travel. It turns out Crane will be a captain in the Revolutionary War who decapitates the Hessian Horseman during battle. This act some how launches him into a time warp which lands him the modern day Sleepy Hollow. Although he is perplexed by modern society and technology, he soon joins up with Detective Abbie Archer () in order to help in fight against a ghostly (now) Headless Horseman.

Tom Mison is steadily making a name for himself outside of his native England. He recently stared in Salmon Fishing In Yemen, while he is about to appear with in the new HBO/BBC drama Parade's End.

Do you think he can do a better job than Johnny Depp? Let us know below.


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