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Now, while we may all occasionally daydream about how cool it'd be for the comic book world to bleed into our own, it seems fair to assume that the vast majority of us are fairly comfortable with the super-villainous likes of , Thanos and Apocalypse staying safely on the page (and silver screen). After all, dastardly schemes involving mass murder and global chaos are a whole lot more fun when they aren't actually real.

That being said, though, there's still something pretty darned appealing about real-life heroes donning the mantel of their comic book counterparts — something that likely explains our collective fascination with the UK's very own , who recently began fighting crime — and creepy clowns — in the small town of Whitehaven. And now, it seems...

Britain's 'Real-Life Batman' Has Finally Spoken Out

[Cumbria Superheroes]
[Cumbria Superheroes]

Yup, that's right: While Bruce Wayne's Gotham-based alter ego may be famously press-shy and taciturn, it seems that Britain's own Batman is far more talkative, recently revealing both his secret identity and central motivation to a national newspaper. What's more, as the Dark Knight himself (a.k.a. construction site manager Garry Bedford) told The Mirror, there's even a way of getting in touch with him: The bat-phone.

"We put the Bat-phone up there to reassure people of the clown situation and that was really rewarding and really worked which I'm proud about... There's always quite a similar pattern. The kids are apprehensive and scared at first but at the end they are very thankful"

The reason? Well, that'd be the "" epidemic that's been sweeping the globe, which has understandably caused major upset to many children. Bedford, though, evidently decided that enough was enough, and began patrolling the streets of Whitehaven in order to reassure its residents that they were safe from the clowns.

Of course, that'll likely be of little help to the people of Whitehaven if a sun-powered, god-like dude with his underwear on inside out suddenly turns up and starts pummeling Bedford throughout the streets of their small northern English town, so perhaps it'd be for the best if any Kansas-based pseudo-deities kept themselves on the other side of the Atlantic. We all saw how turned out, after all.

Still want more on the more fictional Dark Knight, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Are there any other real-life superheroes who you'd like to see Garry Bedford battle, possibly at the behest of Jesse Eisenberg? Let us know below!

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