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From our good friends across the Atlantic, namely director , comes one of those horror-comedies that only the Brits can pull off in the form of May I Kill U? It will hit Los Angeles on January 31st, with a VOD release for a few days later on February 4th.


Baz (Kevin Bishop) is one of Britain’s new breed of police, a cycle cop. Although he appears to be a figure of fun, a freak accident turns him into a psychopath…

As riots break out in London, a head injury changes Baz from an everyday police officer into a mad vigilante, offering no-hope criminals a stark choice, arrest or death. Baz sees this campaign as ‘lawful killing’. Criminals too stunned, confused, or drunk to argue are politely asked, “May I kill you?” and merrily dispatched on their final journey. All these exchanges are recorded on Baz’ helmet-cam and posted anonymously on social networks.

Using the alter ego ‘@N4cethelaw’ Baz acquires an increasing number of fans with each killing, dispensing justice to scumbags, cleaning up society like some bizarre and deadly ‘Robin Hood’, ridding society of its’ ills.

But, in a sudden reversal, Baz is captured by an enraged relative of one of his presumed “kills” and faces slaughter or even worse… exposure.

May I Kill U? stars , , , Hayley-Marie Axe and .

While I'm not too impressed with the super low-budget trailer, no place does horror-comedy like Merry Olde England (It is, after all, what we can thank for Shaun of the Dead), so perhaps it will surprise us all. Thoughts? Hit me up in the comments.

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(Source: Bloody Disgusting)


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