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Some people may say 2017 is the year of Star Wars: The Last Jedi or perhaps Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 or maybe even Blade Runner 2049 — but they'd all be horribly, horribly mistaken. For true lovers of cinema, critically acclaimed storytelling and jaw dropping special effects there can only be one movie to truly look forward to this year: 's Lifetime biopic, Britney Ever After.

Premiering on February 18 Britney Ever After is set to become one of the most talked about biopics of the year, and with its first trailer just dropping like it's all kinds of hot — it's clear we've got a crazy, toxic Britney circus on our hands.

Britney Ever After Will Focus On Britney's Meltdown

Along with her 360° school girl-turned-'slave 4 u' image transformation, caressing a yellow Burmese python on stage at the MTV music video awards and inspiring a "heartbroken" Justin Timberlake to release 'Cry Me a River,' Britney is perhaps most keenly remembered for her rather epic 2007 meltdown.

In a public freakout which gave her the nickname 'Britney Shears,' after spending a single night in rehab Britney left the facility, waltzed into a hairdressers, shaved all of her hair off and attacked a SUV with a black umbrella, .

Britney Ever After, seems to make Britney's meltdown, somewhat unsurprisingly, the centre piece for its biopic narrative. After seeing a clip of an electric razor shearing through a mountain of hair, an aerial shot from above looks down on a bald, lonely head, surrounded by long locks, coiled like twisted, dead snakes on the floor.

The narration, which is provided by actress Natasha Bassett, leaves us in no doubt as to how important Britney's breakdown is to the movie:

"I'm not gonna say I was fine, because I wasn't. Everything was just kind of this blur you know? Until you hit rock bottom."

The Actress Playing Britney Said The Experience Was "Extremely Traumatic"

[Credit: Lifetime]
[Credit: Lifetime]

Aussie actress, Natasha Bassett, opened up to the New York Daily News about her experience portraying Britney on-screen - and things were far from easy. Having to push herself to get deep into Britney's troubled mindset during and leading up to her breakdown was punishing for the young 23-year-old actress who stated that:

"It was extremely traumatic. It was traumatic having to experience through my eyes what she experienced."

However, Natasha could draw on Britney's inner strength to help guide her through the process:

"I really appreciate how strong she is. Emotionally, the way she got through the constant pressures that she was faced with is admirable."

Britney's Fans Are Were Got Her Through Her Nightmare

In the Britney Ever After voiceover, we hear Natasha as Britney stating that the reason she managed to make it through 2007 alive was because of the strength she took from her adoring fans:

"I want to be strong, for my fans. They're what keeps me going."

Consequently it looks like the biopic will be as much an ode to the Queen of Pop as it is to the people who supported her through her darkest moments — with one fan in particular famously speaking on behalf of millions:


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