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The stars were out in force once again this weekend, to celebrate the biggest names in music. The 2017 Grammy Awards gifted us with such golden moments as Adele Mean Girls-ing her award for Best Album, and Rihanna's love affair with her diamond encrusted flask. However, an off-hand comment made by Katy Perry on the red carpet didn't sit so well with fans, as she seemed to be throwing major shade at beloved pop princess Britney Spears.

Kween Britney performing live in Toronto. [Credit: Wikicommons]
Kween Britney performing live in Toronto. [Credit: Wikicommons]

In a red carpet interview before the event, was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. When asked the reason she had taken a break between albums, Katy responded saying:

"That's called taking care of your mental health".

When Seacrest further asked how she felt, Perry made a rather off-color and pretty unnecessary comment:

"Fantastic. And I haven't shaved my head yet".

Of course, Katy is referring to Britney's very public breakdown in 2007, where she shaved her head and attacked onlookers with an umbrella. It was fairly obvious that Britney was having a tough time and struggling with pretty serious mental health issues, which resulted in hospitalization and rehab. She has since opened up about her struggle with anxiety. Katy Perry's 'mental health joke' felt pretty crass and insensitive as a result. Leave alone, am I right?

Many viewers disliked Perry's flippant comments about Britney's mental health, taking to Twitter to voice their anger and support for Britney.

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However, Britney — whose comeback has become one of the most earth-shattering of all time — fired back at Katy in the most perfect (and Britney) way possible; by re-posting with a very pointed bible verse and offering Katy a little weekend advice:

Looks like she's got the right idea — nothin' like a book in Malibu to brush off all those negative vibes. Unlike Katy Perry, Britney isn't one to get into petty tiffs with other artists, but it's good to see she won't take comments about her mental health lying down. It's the perfect example of Britney being as cryptic and classy as ever.

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