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If you've ever wondered what to spend $10 million on, you could take a leaf out of Britney Spears's book and splurge that phat cash on all the things deemed essential in life. Like some relaxing massages, make-up and pet grooming services, for example.

According to some legal docs, Brit dropped $122,613 on a routine back pummel, $24,392 on hair and make-up and $69,668 on her glamorous wardrobe in 2016. Perhaps most impressive of all though, is how she managed to squander a whopping $29,852 on making sure her pooches were living their best life at all times. For reference, here's little princess Hannah wearing an outfit that probably cost three times your standard monthly wage:

Now, if you think that doling out that much moolah on an army of tiny dogs that don't give AF — and let's be real, are likely to shit on your pillow when you're not looking — is batshit crazy, you're probably right. However, perhaps we can find solace in the fact that the figure the "Make Me" singer blew on her furry friends this year is far lower than what she forked out in 2015 ($38,000).

All in all, the pop princess spent $10,956,873 out of 2016's $30.5 million pay-check — and this officially makes her the true purveyor of the meaning of .

If you had $10 million casually lying around, what would you spend it on?

(Source: E! Online)


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