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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Cha-Chinga! While we mourn the absence of our most beloved small screen kweens, we can rejoice in the fact that Comedy Central signed Broad City up for not just a fourth, but also a fifth Season — Yas! With a whopping ninety eight percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an eight point four on IMDB, the ‘worldwide bloodstream’ has spoken and deemed Broad City to be one of the best TV shows around — and we couldn’t agree more.

With Season three ending rather dramatically after Ilana discovered Abbi and Trey's secret love affair which resulted in their first proper fight, a lot of questions remained unanswered. What will happen to Trabbi? Will Lincoln ever return? Who is Abbi’s mother? Has Ilana truly forgiven Abbi for the ‘Burning Bridges’ episode? All these queries, we hope, will be solved with the advent of the next Season, but until it airs next year, let's take a look at everything we know about Broad City Season 4 to date.

Broad City Season 4 News & Rumors

  • Broad City Owns The Internet With Meryl Streep Meme

And just like that, Abby and Ilana own this round of Meryl Streep memes by posting this epic image of the the grand dame of acting appearing to yell 'WANNA FOOK' across her peers at this years Academy Awards to the Facebook page. Yes Kweens, yes.

  • Ilana Got Married In Secret To Long-Term Boyfriend David Rooklin!

Move over Lincoln, there's a new (permanent!) man in Ilana's life — her new hubby David Rooklin! Getting married in secret in a small ceremony at New York's City Hall, news broke when fellow friend the comedian and podcaster Phoebe Robinson posted this adorable Insta-snap of the happy couple. Meeting at New York University where David was studying molecular modeling, the two have been 'shipping ever since. Congrats!

  • Broad City Season 4 Start's Shooting - And It's Classy AF

Standing in front of a luxury bath tub in two divine floor-length gowns, Ilana and Abbi announced in the classiest way possible that they've begun shooting Broad City Season 4 and it's "very elegant." Exactly why they are dressed up to the nines however, will remain a mystery until the Summer premiere!

  • Ilana And Abbi React To Trump's Inauguration With A Special Video Message

With Hillary Clinton guest starring on their Show, it's been no secret that the Broad City kweens are definitely more left-leaning when it come to politics. Since the election, both Abbi and Ilana have shared their feelings of despair through their social media channels and now, with the official inauguration of Donald Trump, they've made their own 3 minute sketch to let their equally distraught fans know that they are not alone.

  • Broad City Season 3 DVD Releases Deleted Scenes Galore!

Along with the release of the Broad City Season 3 DVD on Jan 10 comes a Series of previously unseen deleted scenes — what precious gifts to steer us through the cold frosts of Winter! Including scenes taken from Episode 8 in which Ilana's parents discuss the possibility of their simultaneous deaths, and this scene which comes from Episode 6 and sees Abbi take Ilana to her Phili hometown and divulge some stories of her wild and reckless youth.

  • Abbi and Ilana Release A Cheeky Video To Confirm The 'Hard And Raw' August 2017 Release Date of Broad City Season 4

Taking a break from filming the Fourth Season of Broad City, Abbi and Ilana posted this adorable video of themselves speaking to us, their loyal fanbase, to confirm that we can expect to see them return to our screens with delightfully fresh material in August 2017. To use their exact phrasing they will be:

'Coming in hard and raw in August'

Broad City Season 4 Premiere Date

While the previous three Seasons of Broad City have been filmed in New York City in the summer, Season 4 marks the first time that Abbi and Ilana will film the show during winter. Taking to Facebook to announce the that Broad City Season 4 will be premiering in August 2017, while we've grown accustomed to watching the pair literally sweating their trousers off and going to insane lengths to get an air con unit in their over-heated little palms, we’re looking forward to watching how they deal with the bitterly cold NY weather.

Speaking to Deadline about the seasonal swap, Ilana stated:

To which Abbi added:

Broad City Season 4 Plot Rumors

  • Narrative Structure
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

Season three marked a strong shift in narrative structure for the show. Whereas Seasons one and two had been largely episodic, meaning that you could watch the episodes out of order and it wouldn't hinder your understanding of the show, Season three introduced more linear narrative story arks which continued throughout the Season. We can expect that Season 4 will follow a similar format, teasing out Abbi and Ilana’s narratives across many different episodes.

  • Groundbreaking On-Screen Representation

Talking to Bustle at the Tribeca Film Festival, Lucia Aniello one of the Broad City writers explained how the show was a platform to discuss a plethora of women’s issues that are rarely portrayed on screen - and there’s plenty more for the series to get its teeth into:

"We're really trying to present the girls' lives as we or they experience them in their early to mid 20s ... As you grow up, different problems present themselves, whether it's family stuff or just how to grow up as a woman these days, so I feel like [there's] kind of, like, never-ending things to tackle.”

  • What Will Become Of 'Trabbi?'

The big question on everybody’s lips is - what will become of Trabbi? Love it or hate it, Abbi and Trey’s relationship was one of the centerpieces of Season three, and the first time we’ve seen anything genuinely come between Abbi and Ilana. Speaking to Bustle, when asked about their relationship Abbi replied,

"I mean Abbi still works at the gym so we’ve got to figure something out."

Whether this means they’ll continue their romantic relationship, go through a horribly public workplace breakup or engage in some angry gym cleaning-closet sex, we can be sure Trey will find a way to avenge himself for cruel comments Abbi made in the brilliant ‘Burning Bridges’ episode near the end of Season three.

  • Where's Lincoln?

We can also expect to see more of Lincoln, currently the best dentist on TV. Due to receiving a fair amount of complaints from viewers when Ilana and Lincoln ended their on-screen relationship, it was clear that he’d most likely be returning in the 4th Season. Speaking to Bustle about their on-screen split Ilana said:

Broad City Season 4 Cast And Characters

Ilana Glazer As Herself

Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

The wild, independent twenty three year old marijuana enthusiast, Ilana is notorious for finding ingenious ways to avoid work whilst actually at work, for being self-absorbed but in a strangely lovable way and for dragging Abbi into bizarre scenarios which are nearly always of her own creation.

Notable Catchphrases & Quotes:

  • "Yas Kween!"
  • "I hired an extremely diverse smorgasbord of unpaid interns."
  • "I'm gonna respect your dick later."
  • "I finally figured out my eyebrows. They're sisters, not twins."

Abbi Jacobson As Herself

Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

Ilana's BFF other half, Abbi is a twenty six year old cleaner-turned-trainer at the Soulstice fitness centre who actually dreams of launching her career as an illustrator, which is what she studied for at college. More down to earth than Ilana, Abbi is both fun-loving and rational, but driven to despair by her freeloading flatmate's boyfriend, Bevers.

Notable Catchphrases & Quotes:

  • "I know why I missed the window. I jinxed myself. I bought too many condoms, story of my life."
  • "Oprah says that your birthday dictates the kind of year you're about to have."
  • "You're my favorite little jewie this side of St. Louis."
  • "I'm gonna do one legit pull-up, for real this time."

Hannibal Buress As Lincoln Rice

Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

Ilana's sort-of boyfriend, Lincoln is a successful dentist who initially wants to make his relationship with Ilana more permanent until he realizes he can't operate in a polyamorous relationship and ends things with her in Season 3. Incredibly grounded and darkly funny, Lincoln is a wonderfully warm character and much loved in the Broad City fandom.

Notable Catchphrases & Quotes:

  • "I was so worried, I baked a whole cake. And then I ate a whole cake."
  • "Ilana, I can't inflict upon a dog the crazy life of a dentist."
  • "You know, I'm not over Amy Winehouse."
  • "I saw your Twitter so I wanted to stop by, but I wanted to respect your space. That's why I'm hanging back."

Paul W. Downs As Trey Pucker

Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

Trey also works at Soulstice as Abbi's boss. He is a bonafide gym fanatic who seems to have an indispensable amount of optimism mixed in a potent combination with a colossal amount of naivety. Sleeping with Abbi in Season 3 which eventually culminates in a very traumatic scene in a restaurant where Abbi inadvertently crushes his little health-conscious soul, we're unsure just how 'Trabbi's' relationship will progress into the next Season.

Notable Catchphrases & Quotes:

  • "Today is a new day. Cha-Chinga!"
  • "We got another pube situation in the women's locker room."
  • "I'm not a joke, Abbi."
  • "Run a quick 5K, sweat it out, then take an 8-minute nap."

John Gemberling As Matthew 'Bevers'

Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

Known for being a disgusting slob of a human, Bevers is essentially Abbi's living nightmare. The boyfriend of her mysteriously and continually absent flatmate, he seems to spend his entire time in her flat, eating, masturbating and playing video games. Occasionally however he does show a kinder side, and seems to really care about Abbi — in his own creepy way.

Notable Catchphrases & Quotes:

  • "I like to call it jazz because it comes out of my horn, and you never know where it's gonna go."
  • "To be honest, I'm really happy with the way I look."
  • "You know what I'd wear on a date with Trey? Nothing."
  • "Okay, I was jerking off."

Arturo Castro as James 'Jaimé' Castro

Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]
Broad City [Credit: Comedy Central]

Ilana's gay flatmate, Jaimé is a Guatemalan immigrant who becomes an American national during the series. He has a huge fear of doing wrong by his friends but has a tendency to blow things way out of proportion as a result.

Notable Catchphrases & Quotes:

  • "Oh, I was going to say, 'Hello, hello dick!"
  • "I once ate a corn on the cob."
  • "When I was a little boy, I had a pet turtle, His name was Franklin. Privately though, his name was the n-word."
  • "Gorp? What is gorp?"

Where To Watch Broad City Season 4 Online

Comedy Central own the rights to Broad City so during the screening of Season 4, you'll be able to watch Broad City online weekly on their channel. Until then however you can watch all the previous three Seasons on Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

If you're feeling proper old school, you can also buy the DVDs of Seasons one and two and, while the DVD of Season three isn't available currently, you can buy it in its entirety on iTunes.

What are you most looking forward to in Broad City Season 4?

(Sources: Deadline; Bustle)

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