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Actors like Chris Evans, Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds have played more than one superhero in two separate cinematic universes — but almost never at the same time. That's why fans were so shocked that Josh Brolin, who is playing Marvel's big bad Thanos in , is also joining Fox's as , a.k.a. Nathan Summers, filming the movies almost simultaneously.

So, should we be worried? Will Brolin devote more attention to one role than the other, causing a highly anticipated movie to suffer? Will Cable seem too Thanos-y and Thanos seem to Cable-y?

Relax, because not even Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige is concerned, telling the Hollywood Reporter:

"Indiana Jones and Han Solo are the same person ... it hasn't been a problem. And I think Thanos and Cable are two very different characters."

Aside from the fact that one is a hero and one is a villain, they'll also be vastly different performances. Here's why Brolin is definitely up to the task.

We Know That Brolin Can Do Physical Intimidation, Which Is Perfect For Thanos

While Loki dealt with mischief and manipulation, Brolin can give Thanos the threat Loki didn't have: physicality. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Thanos punch Hulk in the face?

Thanos is one intimidating villain (except in the animated TV series Earth's Mightiest Heroes, where he's adorable). He'll do crazy things to see death painted across a landscape. Brolin has proven to be great with stunts; he was even able to recreate the fight scene in Spike Lee's otherwise dismal remake of Oldboy. Brolin's ability to pose a menacing threat to his opponents is a prerequisite skill for playing the Mad Titan.

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Brolin Can Also Do Comedy By Playing It Straight — Which Is Perfect For Cable

Josh Brolin has done serious roles in comedic films before. He played the young version of Agent K, giving us a spot-on Tommy Lee Jones impression. Tasked with being on the opposite end of the constantly hilarious Deadpool, Brolin can play Cable with complete seriousness, and it would organically bounce off Ryan Reynolds' irreverence.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

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Brolin's seriousness, which has sufficient menace for Thanos and stoicism for Cable, is also brimming with hilarity. Much like Colossus tries to guide Deadpool's morality in the original movie, Cable will surely have to fix their problems and avoid catastrophe in the sequel — and Deadpool is the epitome of creating problems and catastrophes.

Cable needs to call Deadpool out on all of his bad decisions, and Brolin is perfect as the Felix in this "Odd Couple" dynamic; his filmography is proof.

He's The Right Man For Both Jobs

Brolin as Dwight in Sin City [Credit: Dimension]
Brolin as Dwight in Sin City [Credit: Dimension]

The stakes have risen with Brolin’s casting as Cable because there will be pressure on him to differentiate his dual comic book movie performances. However, I'm not at all bothered by him playing two pivotal Marvel characters. While he'll bring the same intensity to both roles, it will be terrifying in Infinity War and gut-busting in Deadpool 2.

Marvel made the right choice; Fox made the right choice. We'll only start to worry if Brolin joins the DCEU and the Arrowverse too.


Do you think Josh Brolin will succeed as both Thanos and Cable?

[Sources: THR; Poll image credit: Miramax]


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