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For years there were rumors of the most iconic showdown in horror history becoming a reality. After Freddy Vs. Jason hit theaters in 2003 and made $82 million at the US box office, everyone speculated the horror mashup would cross over into a third franchise, specifically with Evil Dead. Much to the dismay of horror fans everywhere, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees never encountered Ash. has an interesting tidbit from the man himself, Mr. , at this year's Wizard World Nashville Comic Con. Apparently, Campbell blames New Line Cinema for the project never getting made:

"We had that conversation with New Line Cinema," said Campbell. "And it went something like this, Breep [mimicking telephone ringing] Oh. look it's New Line Cinema. Hello. 'Hi, this is New Line Cinema. We'd like to make Ash Vs. Jason Vs. Freddy.' Great idea, then Ash can kill Jason and Freddy once and for all. Hello? That was it. That was the conversation."

CBM also reports that he continued his rant, saying:

“How you gonna kill them? You can’t kill them. That's why those movies are so stupid. You can grind Jason's face off with a propeller, with a boat. I've seen it with my own two eyes. I forget what number that was, which version of which f---ng remake, sequel bull---. You see his face ground up. It's the end of the movie. Then, boomp his eyes open, end credits roll."

He has a point. But still: That's the major appeal of creating a movie like this. Each and every one of them would actually win, which means we all win by witnessing and a violent, epic showdown that would go down as a horror classic.

I personally think they should throw Pinhead into the mix. Let me know your crossover fantasy on Twitter


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