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Gotham has been developing the Batman mythology for many years now, but the fourth season has taken Bruce Wayne's character development to new heights. In the last year, we've seen Bruce transform from a terrified boy into a strong young man, and he's already taken quite a few steps in his destiny to become the Caped Crusader.

The young billionaire has been through quite a lot; from defeating Jerome Valeska with no help whatsoever to developing his Batman code of conduct (a.k.a the 'no kill' rule), and now he's even donned an early prototype vigilante outfit, taking to the streets of to take on Penguin's villainous thugs. The latest episode has seen another huge development in Bruce's journey, and it's becoming pretty clear that 's arrival on the show could be around the corner.

Note: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Gotham Season 4.

The Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne Is Born

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Every Batman fan is aware that in order to become the Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne has to wear two masks. When fighting crime, Bruce must wear the Batman mask to hide his identity. Additionally, when in public as Bruce Wayne, he must wear the billionaire playboy facade in order to build the illusion that he's too frivolous to ever be connected with Batman. The second mask is arguably more important, because his identity is forever hidden if everyone in Gotham thinks that he is nothing more than a self-centered rich kid obsessed with partying and spending money. There's no way such a selfish person would spend their nights keeping the city safe, right? Pretty clever if you ask me.

Since we're seeing Bruce at a very young age on 's Gotham, the character is still seen by all the citizens of the city as a good-hearted kid. However, Season 4 has started to change that perception, as we saw the character splashing his cash at an auction several episodes ago, but it was this Thursday's episode that truly saw the birth of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

After suffering at the hands of the villainous Ra's Al Ghul, Bruce has become a shadow of his former self. The latest episode saw the character getting angry at household staff and shouting at Alfred. In order to break free from his funk, Bruce decided to get som fresh air and spend the day with high school sweetheart, Grace.

It didn't take long for the playboy tendencies to develop, and when Bruce and his friends were denied access to a nightclub, the young man bought the club. He partied all night with his new pals, (one of them was Tommy Elliot), drinking champagne and dancing. He even ended up kissing Grace, passionately. Am I the only one wondering about poor Alfred? He must be worried sick. Either way, it's looking like the Bruce Wayne persona has well and truly been born.

We're already eight episodes into Gotham Season 4, and it's looking like the Caped Crusader could be flying over the rooftops of the dangerous city any day now. With the Penguin continuing to take over the city with the help of Sophia Falcone, the city is in need of a hero more than ever. Bruce, the city needs you!

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox.

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