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Matt Carter

The promotional tour for aged action movie Red 2 is in full swing and stars and have been doing their best to share their enthusiasm for the movie and convince cinema goers to part with their hard-earned cash and catch it at the theater.

Or not.

At a recent press junket in London Willis and Parker gave an interview that is so awkward and laced with contempt that it's actually harder to watch than Willis's awful A Good Day to Die Hard. It didn't help that the interviewer asked ridiculously inane questions that were so soaked with faked enthusiasm and fawning that it made me do a little sick in my mouth.

Give the interview a look and see if you can watch it without wanting to swallow your own fist.


Willis has previously won gold when it comes to giving awkward interviews. Earlier this year he appeared on British chat show The One Show where he also seemed to be reticent to say anything mildly interesting (or to say anything at all really). The One Show hosts were equally sycophantic towards the star, claiming A Good Day to Die Hard had "raised the bar for action movies" (I just did another sick in my mouth again).

Perhaps the only way to get the best out of Willis in an interview is to tell him you think his movies are a bit shit.



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