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Tino Jochimsen

Bruce Willis and Ambyr Childers will star in the sci-fi thriller Vice.

The movie sounds a bit like a mixture between Westworld and Hostel with a dash of Blade Runner thrown in for good measure.

Vice is set in a futuristic holiday resort in which the rich and wealthy can live out their sickest fantasies. The victims: synthetic androids whose memories are erased every night. When one of the artificial staffers (played by Childers) suffers a glitch and remembers what she had to go through, she decides to put an end to the decadent depravity.

As no director is attached yet there is no saying if the pic will be strictly B-Movie material for a drunken night home or something more classy. The premise sounds intriguing enough. The modest budget of $15 million, however, hints more in the direction of the former.

As for Willis: he’ll play the owner of the resort, and hence, the villain of the piece, I presume.

[Source: THR]


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