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The guy who gave us the lauded shorts Dara, Safe Haven (the fourth segment in V/H/S/2) and L is for Libido (from the ABCs of Death series), Indonesian filmmaker , is about to deliver a full-length feature film that's all-but-guaranteed to make our collective blood stocks curl:

Killers is a dark psychological look into the minds of two men with nothing in common: Nomura [], a self-obsessed serial killer residing in Tokyo, and Bayu [Ray Sahetapy], a failing journalist and a struggling father in Jakarta. Connected through violent incidents, both men inexplicably start to feed off each other. As their lives become more uncontrollable, each of them starts to journey into a maze of violent self discovery.

We got out grubby fingers (via bloodydisgusting) on the spectacular one-minute trailer just released by Nikkatsu and The Mo Brothers (comprised by Timo and longtime colleague , responsible for the terrific film Macabre); and without much further ado, we'd like to ask you to grab a mug of hot chocolate with marshmellows and a blanket, and just curl up somewhere warm and comfy to revel in the tension of what promises to be another gory and original Indonesian/Japanese collaboration:

As a bonus feature, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Killers (be sure to turn on the captions if you're not fluent in Bahasa Indonesia):


What do you think? Psyched for Killers? Looks pretty awesome to me.

Killers is expected for a Halloween (October 31st, 2013) release.


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