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In an effort to break the ongoing video game movie curse, Sony has been hard at work on a big screen adaptation of the Uncharted franchise. The film has been shaping up quite nicely throughout this past few months. Shawn Levy (Why Him?, Arrival) was announced as director and shortly after that, Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland was cast as a younger Nathan Drake. Aside from the young actor, however, casting announcements have been nonexistent.

One character fans have been wanting to see cast for a while has been the ever-charismatic and adventurous . To give you some backstory, Sully first encountered Nathan when he stole his wallet. Drake was a young drifter with no clear path in life, and Sully taught him the ways of a professional fortune seeker, becoming both a mentor and a father figure for him. Years after their meeting, their bond kept going strong, and they tackled the craziest adventures together.

[Credit: Naughty Dog]
[Credit: Naughty Dog]

Holland had teased he wanted his fellow MCU superhero Chris Pratt in a younger version of the role, but his comments weren't meant to be taken seriously. Fortunately, we may finally have an idea of who could be responsible for portraying the character. According to The Hashtag Show, Sony is considering –– drumroll please –– for a large supporting role in the movie.

As with any rumor, we should take this bit of information with a tiny grain of salt, but THS has proven to be a reliable source of information in the past. Plus, Cranston worked on Why Him?, so the director and actor already have a working relationship.

The site couldn't confirm what part the actor would have if his reported deal goes through, but it was mentioned that he could either be playing Victor Sullivan, or a villain. Let's face it: It's tough to think that an actor as big as Cranston would be chosen for any other part other than Sully. Plus, he just looks the part.

Would Cranston Be The Right Fit For Sully?

Keep in mind this is just speculation on my part, but let's pretend for a second that Cranston is indeed being considered to play Sully. Is he the right choice for the character? Being completely honest, I never thought about Cranston as Sully prior to this announcement. Similar to a whole lot of other fans out there, I've always pictured someone like J.K. Simmons for the role. However, now that this option has come along, I can't deny that Cranston would be a genius choice for Vic Sullivan.

Sully is a complicated character to play, because he isn't your average sidekick. He's actually a welcome addition to your gaming experience. You want to keep listening to his stories about romance, debts and adventures while nameless baddies are shooting at you. What makes him even more special, though, is the fact that his carefree attitude never interferes with his reliability. He's the best shooting partner a fortune-seeker could ask for, and he shows it in every level he's in, perfectly balancing his comedic timing with seriousness.

Putting the physical likeness aside (I mean, come on, he looks like Sully's 3D model was brought into the real world), Cranston perfectly fits those qualities. The actor may have made a name for himself playing the ruthless and shiver-inducing Walter White in , but he's a surprisingly funny guy:

The man has no problem with balancing comedy and drama, as proven by his roles in Michael In The Middle, Godzilla and the aforementioned Why Him? With that in mind, I can't tell you how excited I'd be to see him take on the part. Hopefully we get some official word sooner rather than later.

Uncharted doesn't have a release date right now, but seeing how quickly things are developing, I wouldn't be surprised if production kicks off sometime next year.

How do you feel about the possibility of Bryan Cranston playing Sully in the Uncharted movie? Do you have any other actors in mind for the part? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: The Hashtag Show]


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