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The Power Rangers movie has been surprisingly quiet when it comes to marketing. Despite already having a trailer, here are still quite a few things we've been left in the dark about, the main one being 's Zordon. We know a few details about him, such as him being a former Red Ranger, but we haven't actually seen this updated version... until now.

A Reddit user named dpjmusci shared an image of a phone with a picture of Cranston's Zordon in the Rangers' command center alongside Alpha 5. Check it out:

In case you're wondering where the heck Alpha 5 is, look at the lower left corner:

Another user asked if the image was from a VR demo from CES, an annual technology conference in Las Vegas. The person who posted the picture said it was, so it's much more credible than a random Reddit user posting rumors without a source.

What I love about this new design is that, while it's a nice update of the overall setting of the show, it retains the essence of the original command center.

On closer inspection, Zordon's capsule is much more organic, which fits into what the movie's been building regarding the new mythology of the being more openly of alien origin, something the show rarely explored. For example, the head is surrounded by a green substance, very similar to the material the Rangers and Rita Repulsa's armors are made out of:

Overall, this is a very cool update of Zordon. Sure, it's a floating head in a tank but it looks great. They took a very silly concept from a children's series and updated it to our demanding new standards and the image just made me more excited to watch the film.

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Do you like Zordon's new look in Power Rangers? Are you excited to see him on screen? Let me know in the comments!


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