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It doesn't take long for any conversation about the X-Men movies to turn into a shouting match when discussing the controversial third entry, X-Men: The Last Stand. Personally, I seem to remember not hating it, but 's addition to the franchise was not universally well-received among hardcore fans.

In a recent interview with Bleeding Cool, , the original director of the franchise, and the current helmer of the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past, gave his opinion on The Last Stand. This is what he had to say:

X-Men 3 was a strange situation for me. I didn't have anything to do with X-Men 3 or Wolverine except for the actor. I don't think Brett [Ratner] knows this but I was so emotionally charged up about seeing X-Men 3 that someone who wasn't supposed to took me into a building in the middle of the night and showed me it long before it was finished, on a computer, just so I could see it, understand what it is and not be freaked out when I went to the theater to go see it.

[Eventually] I went to the Chinese theater because I wanted to see it in a big theater and they let me in, I had a baseball cap on, I hid in the back but suddenly, Brett Ratner shows up. He was like "Bryan!" and suddenly the audience [all see me] and Brett Ratner talking and I'm stood there sipping my soda out of a Superman cup.

There are parts of X-Men 3... it isn't what I would have done, but parts of it, I liked. Ellen Page was something I liked in X-Men 3 and I'm bringing her to Days of Future Past. Certain things are different. There was a lot going on in it and I wasn't so happy with so many people dying, but then there were some really sweet moments with that kid, the cure kid.

I said I'll "fix a few things" [with Days of Future Past]. It won't be its primary function but there will be some fixing. It's a really cool story, and incidentally, it facilitates all of these characters. They weren't just thrown in there. And they all play a fun role. I want there to be some humor and some fun. In Days of Future Past there are some genuinely things in it. I can't wait, and I know they will be fun to shoot. I want to keep that humor [because] the thing about X-Men is that the themes are serious, but the film doesn't need to be...

From the sounds of it, Singer wasn't a huge fan of The Last Stand either. But what do you think? Is X-Men 3's reputation undeserved? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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