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Mark Newton

I think the marketing team for X-Men: Days of Future Past have either all been fired or are simply slacking on the job, since it seems like director has been handing the whole promotion thing on this lonesome.

Ever since filming began, Singer's twitter feed has been a non-stop cavalcade of difficult to discern X-Men: Days Of Future Past photos. Today is no different, as he tweeted a picture of a Sentinel apparently being stowed away. Check it out below:

Currently, we've yet to see these mutant-killing machines in action. However, the internet is eagerly awaiting the arriving of the second X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, so perhaps we will not have to wait long to see the Sentinels do their thing.

What do you think? I get the general feeling that people are quickly becoming disillusioned with Days of Future Past. Do you agree? Let me know below.



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