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There's still quite a way to go until the release of in 2018, and plenty of potential directions the plot could still take. We've heard rumors of pet dinosaurs, statements that — gasp! — this one wouldn't take place in an amusement park, and theories that the worst was yet to come out of the samples stolen by Dr. Henry Wu.

Yet none of these speculations seemed crucial next to the one burning question that's been keeping us up at night, along with 's shiny abs: Will 's Claire still run around in heels when trying to escape the jaws of a bloodthirsty dino?

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Claire's Toes Can Finally Rest

, who directed the first and is part of the writing team on the second, tweeted a mysterious image featuring a bunch of shoes that'll only speak to fans of the new Jurassic franchise. Captioned with a simple "See you soon" directed at Howard, the picture hints that yes, finally, her character can walk around in appropriate footwear.

After the release of Jurassic World, a good portion of the internet made it seem like they'd never get tired of being shocked at how Claire was wearing nude pumps, whether she was trudging around in mud or running from a gruesome death at the teeth of one of her lab's mad creations. There were jokes, there was outrage, there were lots of questions—all in all, one of the biggest reactions ever warranted by a pair of shoes on the big screen.

But just like her character has evolved from a cold and heartless businesswoman to a caring aunt who's ready to get her hands dirty, her wardrobe looks like it's gone from classy-professional to something, well, practical.

The tweet also hints that filming is about to start soon for the Jurassic World sequel: The kick-off is planned for February, so it looks like the schedule is staying on track!


Was Claire's footwear a big deal to you in 'Jurassic World'?


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