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Although we still have to wait until May for Avengers: Infinity War, several actors have been confirmed to return for the sequel, including Evangeline Lily, Jeremy Renner and Robert Downey, Jr. (though Marvel could just be throwing us off the scent of a major death).

Now another character has been revealed to be a part of Avengers 4: Bucky Barnes. In an interview with Cinemablend, actor Sebastian Stan confirmed that he'd be appearing, even though he hadn't read the script quite yet:

"I still haven't read a script for this next one. For this fourth one. All I know is I'm going down there in October, and that's all I know. I still actually haven't read a script for the last one. [laughs] All I knew was what I was involved in, and I was kept on a very 'need to know' basis. Maybe that's the norm. But it's a family system. There's a trust, and there's a sense of knowledge between the writers and the directors, with Kevin [Feige]... that shows up."

It has been rumored for a long time that after Infinity War, Barnes would pick up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers vacates it (either by death or quitting). As of right now, Avengers 4 would be the best place to finally let that happen.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

With Chris Evans's Marvel contract set to expire, someone else is going to have to take up the stars, stripes and shield. But rather than just recasting Steve Rogers with another actor, fans would most definitely prefer to have Barnes pick up that mantle like he did in the comics.

Passing Of The Torch?

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

The MCU is coming to a point where some roles will have to be passed down to newer people. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are now Marvel's old guard, and our days of seeing Iron Man, Thor and Captain America could very well be numbered.

Fortunately, fans have new characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Spider-Man to fill those voids. But who's to say that a hero's identity can't be given to another character?

Transitioning Barnes from the side character of Winter Soldier into the main character of Captain America would be a prime example of passing the torch, which Marvel will inevitably find more and more necessary as the years go on.

Avenging Cap

'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Characters are going to die in Infinity War, that much is certain. One of the most likely candidates is Steve Rogers, whose death would — without a doubt — be an emotional moment in the movie.

For Barnes, it would change his life, losing his friend and his only connection to his past. And with that, Steve could leave Bucky with a promise to take up the mantle and continue the legacy of Captain America.

If this were to happen in Infinity War, it would not only end the movie with an emotional moment, it would give fans something to be excited for in Avengers 4.

'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: Civil War' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Not only would it keep a recognizable Captain America on the Avengers, but it also would give the upcoming Avengers movies some more emotional impact. Stan went on to comment that he is unsure what the future holds for his character, but he is excited nonetheless:

"I don't worry about the character. No matter what they decide, they're going to do the right thing. ... I have ownership over the character, but it's not up to me do decide what happens. But you know, those guys are going to take it to another level. That's just what they are going to do. And it's a culmination of so many things up until this point, which is why they can."

Stan is set to be around the MCU for awhile, and fans would gladly welcome this character change with open arms.

Do you want to see Bucky Barnes become Captain America, or do you hope Chris Evans renews his contract? Sound off in the comments below!

(Source: Cinemablend)


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