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Ever since the Scooby Gang finally closed the Hellmouth for good back in the Season 7 finale, fans have prayed to the gods of old in hope that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion could one day occur.

While it appears doubtful that a Buffy revival will ever take place on , the Scooby Gang have all reunited once more (with feeling), reminiscing over the legacy of 's iconic show with EW. It may have been twenty years since first backflipped her way through Sunnydale High, but most of the cast still look like the fresh-faced teenagers that they were back in 1997.

Did the vampires secretly win, turning our beloved Scooby Gang into immortal creatures of the night? Quite possibly, if these pictures from the EW photo shoot are anything to go by.

The Summers Family Slay

Buffy may be the Chosen One, but it's hard to deny that the entire Summers family are slaying it here, alongside series creator Joss Whedon.

Buffy & Angel = Bangel? Angy?

Sarah Michelle Gellar reunites with co-star David Boreanz on the cover of EW, reminding us exactly why we shipped Buffy and Angel so hard, years before shipping was even a thing.

Witches, Werewolves & Love, Oh My!

Seeing Tara, Willow and Oz reunited gives all of us Buffy fans something to sing about — although the love triangle that these three shared on the show did lead to some awkward moments at the time.

Young/Old Love

Buffy clearly has a thing for vampires still — as well as cosying up to , Gellar also posed with James Marsters, who played everyone's favorite bad boy Spike.

"It Must Be Bunnies!"

In the 14 years since Buffy came off the air, it appears that Anya has finally recovered from her crippling fear of bunnies, looking gorgeous as ever with one of the evil creatures in her grasp.

Check out this cast reunion video below, where the entire Scooby Gang discuss the legacy of Buffy and why the show remains so relevant today:

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While it's not the reunion that Buffy fans were hoping for, this stunning photoshoot proves that the Scooby Gang slay just as hard as they did twenty years ago. All we can do now is hold out hope that some rubber faced demon will reopen the Hellmouth again, forcing Sarah Michelle Gellar to bring out Mr Pointy for one last fight.


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