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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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's Emma Caulfield a.k.a. Anya a.k.a. Anyanka has some strong feelings about . As a fundamental part of the Joss Whedon canon, Caulfield is no stranger to an emotional rollercoaster, but even her years with Buffy couldn't prepare her for the anguish of losing so many favorites on The Walking Dead.

The latest deaths were, of course, at the hands of Negan:

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Caulfield launched into a tirade about her love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead, calling it "the most toxic love affair of my life" via EW:

I hate you, 'The Walking Dead.' Do you hear me? I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. You’re dead to me…… Sigh, I love you, 'The Walking Dead.' Never leave me, okay?

Any Walking Dead fan can understand how that feels! Check out some of her thoughts on the deaths of some Walking Dead favorites:

  • Noah: Your face was eaten off IN FRONT OF GLENN!
  • Abraham: Defiant, even after the first brutal strike from Lucille, Abraham was able to die with honor. He locked his “seen it all” eyes with Negan’s, spit blood, mentioned his balls, all before succumbing to the remaining fatal blows. It was gruesome, painful, poetic. “Suck my nuts,” indeed, writers.
  • Glenn: And then there is my most beloved Glenn…….. I just…. I can’t…. it’s just…. he became my everything. Glenn has always been the soul of the show.

Caulfield's extremes of emotion and ambivalence towards the terrible things The Walking Dead does to us — horrible feelings = good TV — are familiar to the TWD community. How many of you does her statement ring true for?

Every time a character’s dies, I’m always surprised. Good job, writers! I hate you! I don’t. I love you!


How do you feel about the 'Walking Dead' writers?



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