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I've always had a soft spot for the campy 1960s Batman show — especially after I discovered the show saved the Batman franchise from extinction!

The show is the stuff of Batman legend, making household names of Adam West and Burt Ward among DC fans. Thus, when the original Boy Wonder himself gives his opinion on who should play Robin in the DCEU, we sit up and take note! Burt Ward recently sat down on the show "Good Knight Gotham" to express his desire for Robin to appear on the big screen again. When asked if there were any young actors he'd like to see take on the role, Ward was quick to respond, "Absolutely, me!". He went on to explain his reasoning:

“Let me tell you something. You remember when Star Trek ended, and Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner got all those Star Trek movies? They were very successful, and those guys were older. You didn’t care that they were older. You loved them."

Burt Ward, then and now. Images: Wikimedia Commons
Burt Ward, then and now. Images: Wikimedia Commons

Ward also stated that he'd like the opportunity to reprise the role in live action, asking, "Could you imagine Adam [West] and I now, fifty years later, going to put on our tights?" When asked his opinion of Robin's conspicuous absence from movies over the past decade, Ward replied that the folks at Warner Bros. "know exactly what they are doing. I'm sure something's coming in the future. When you've got it working so well as it is, you kind of bring it out slowly - you don’t jump for dessert before you have your main entree.”

Needless to say, Ward's Robin is still one of the most iconic iterations of the character, a fact which he claims is due in no small part to the fans. He said that from the time the show first aired, it had a very diverse fanbase, ranging from children to adults and everything in between. But for Ward, the role has become more than just another character he played on screen. It's become part of his life. As he put it, "It never really leaves you."

If you can't get enough of Burt Ward's Robin, he and Adam West are reprising their iconic roles in the new animated film, Return of the Caped Crusaders, the trailer for which can be viewed below!

But, the big question on everyone's lips is, "Will we ever see the Boy Wonder on the big screen in the DCEU?" Well, given the fact that Robin (specifically Damian Wayne's Robin) is known for having a history with Slade Wilson's Deathstroke, who has been confirmed to be the villain for the upcoming Batman solo film, it's not unlikely that we'll see some form of the Boy Wonder take his place at the Caped Crusader's side.

However, the more important question still remains: which form of the Boy Wonder will we see appear in the future of the DCEU? Well, let's look at the possibilities.

Dick Grayson

Image Source: DC
Image Source: DC

C'mon, let's face it. We all want to see Dick Grayson in the DC movie universe. He's easily considered the most iconic character to ever don the Boy Wonder's red and green tights — and with good reason. He's as tech-savvy as Cyborg, as smart-mouthed as Spider-Man, and as good in a fight as Batman. But what are the chances we're going to see Dick Grayson pop up in the red and green tights alongside Ben Affleck's Batman? Pretty slim, to tell you the truth. If DC does indeed decide to include the character, we're more likely to see an older version of Dick Grayson, presumably using the Nightwing mantle — which fans certainly won't be complaining about!

Jason Todd

Jason Todd's Robin Costume in Batman V Superman. Image Source: Warner Bros.
Jason Todd's Robin Costume in Batman V Superman. Image Source: Warner Bros.

I'm sure everyone's mind is flashing back to this suit from Batman V Superman. Speculation was rife about who the owner of the suit was, with most believing it to belong to the unfortunate Jason Todd, supposedly beaten to death by the Joker. DC did in fact confirm that the suit belonged to Jason Todd, but does that mean the character is automatically down for the count in DCEU continuity? Not at all. Remember, this is a comic book universe, and nobody ever stays dead in a comic book universe! Except Quicksilver and Spidey's Uncle Ben, of course. There's still the distinct possibility that we'll see Jason Todd reappear as a savage antihero, the Red Hood, in the DCEU.

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Tim Drake

Image Source: DC
Image Source: DC

Now as much as Dick Grayson is my hero, I love me some Tim Drake. He's basically everything I like about Dick without all the parts of Dick that get on my nerves. Dick's got the whole "good boy" persona down to a science, but Tim Drake relies less on ethics and more on nerves of steel. Dick's innate goodness has its place, but sometimes it blinds him. Tim Drake is somewhat darker and more heavy-handed than Dick, but he's still got a snarky side. Drake's balance of darkness and snark is one of the many reasons he stands head and shoulder above some of the other Robins.

Damian Wayne

Image Source: DC
Image Source: DC

I love Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, so that's probably why Damian Wayne just grates on my last nerve. Basically, Damian Wayne is everything I hate in any other incarnation of Robin. Gone is the quintessential snarky attitude, and in its place, there's a savage brutality that puts Batman's illegitimate son on a level all his own. I have to admit, if Damian Wayne doesn't appear in the DCEU, I will be surprised, but I won't be disappointed.

Burt Ward may not get his wish this time; it seems overwhelmingly likely that we'll see some young blood taking on the mantle of Robin within the DCEU. However, the jury's still out on whether or not West and Ward will cameo in DC's solo Batman film, in a fitting homage to the gents who saved the Dark Knight franchise forever. It goes without saying that whoever does play Robin in the DCEU will have some pretty big shoes to fill!

Which Robin do you want to see appear on the big screen, and more importantly, who should play them? Comment below!


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