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Jordan Leech

Gremlins director Joe Dante is the face of a new crowdfunding campaign for the production of Burying the Ex. In a new video on their crowdfunding page, makes the case for fans and excited viewers to make their contributions and assist the production. The producers have prepared numerous awards for contributors, depending on the amount of their donation, ranging from a download of both the original and final script for $10 to a 'Co-Executive Producer Credit & VIP Experience' which would get the financier their name on the credits and two invitations to walk the red carpet at the premiere and after party.

Crowdfunding is an interesting new take on how both the film and music industry can reach their customers more directly, and perhaps reclaim some of the lost capital from internet downloads and pirated distribution. By offering such exchanges, they are giving greater incentives to people to give them their money so production can continue. In another famous example, Canadian band Protest the Hero raised over $200 000 (doubling their goal, and the same amount that Burying the Ex ifs after) in one week. If a relatively small band can do this, imagine what major film productions can do, who have far more to give in exchange for donations. This can also give production companies vital feedback about the public's awareness and excitement about any given project.

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