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Kevin McCallister had a prolific family full of unforgettable characters like the ever-cheap Uncle Frank, the Coca-Cola-loving Fuller, Heather, fan of French insults, Linnie, the list goes on. But one individual in particular who stood out among the pack: Kevin's older brother, Buzz. Peter and Kate's eldest offspring was a troublemaker from the start, and for two movies straight he seemed to have the drive to do nothing but be a constant pain in Kevin's neck.

Because of that, countless Home Alone fans have been wondering what exactly became of the young man ever since his last appearance in Lost In New York. Well, if you have been scratching your head trying to figure that out, stop wondering, because we finally have an answer.

Buzz Had The Dark Fate We All Expected

I was recently able to watch the Home Alone Special Edition Blu-ray, and while roaming through the special features for any interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits when I came across a featurette called "Where's Buzz Now?". The Home Alone fan in me was instantly curious to know what had happened to the guy, so I pressed "Go" and finally got some much-needed answers.

In the featurette, several people from the movie's production team chime in on where they think ended up as an adult. There were people who thought he had become a surfer, a dog catcher, and others believed he became a minister or even a teacher (I don't think Buzz teaching children is the best scenario).

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

While those were some positive responses, the overall consensus was that he did some time in jail. Freddie Hice, a stunt coordinator, stated: "He's gotta be serving time somewhere for some offense. God knows it could be anything." Executive producer Scott Rosenfelt echoed that sentiment: "[He's] either in Iraq, Afghanistan, on a police force somewhere or in jail."

However, the final verdict came from Buzz himself, or rather the actor that played him. To my delight, gave a detailed account of where his character ended up in life. Buckle up, because just like everyone predicted, his future was quite dark:

"I dropped out of high school my senior year and I ran off with Old Man Marley to join the circus. And I did end up in prison just like everyone thought for putting a donkey in a bathtub in the state of Iowa."

Fortunately, the young troublemaker eventually (somewhat) managed to turn things around. While in prison, he educated himself and went on to make a scientific breakthrough: "While I was in jail, I finally ended up getting my Ph.D. in marine biology and I am now the first marine biologist to identify and explain what trout sniffers are in the Mideast Atlantic. So yeah, I've been busy."

But things don't look as bright for Buzz now. Turns out he left his promising career in the field of medicine to become an impersonator of Elvis impersonators: Yes, you heard that right: "I'm touring as Elvis. Not really as Elvis, just a one of his impersonators. I'm actually an Elvis-impersonator impersonator. I impersonate Elvis impersonators."

I gotta be honest, I have no idea of how that works. But hey, it's a thing, so I'm hoping that Buzz found his true calling.

At Least Buzz Faired Better Than His Crafty Little Brother

Buzz's future is pretty dark, but it doesn't compare to what happened with his little bro, . The living house security system had a bright path ahead of him. He was smart, crafty, and charming, but the Wet Bandits ruined everything for him.

Back in 2015, :DRYVRS released a video showing a grown-up Kevin, now a disgruntled and sadistic Über driver. In the hilarious/slightly depressing footage, the man tells the story of how he was traumatized by Harry and Marv's antics and by the fact that he was left home alone during Christmas time:

Yikes. PTSD? Sadism? Yep, Buzz definitely had the better fate of the two, even with the jail sentence. I don't know about you, but I never expected that to happen.

How do you feel about Buzz's fate after Home Alone 2: Lost In New York? Were you expecting it or was it a surprise? Do you think he had it better than his little brother? Let me know in the comments!


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