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This season on The Flash, one of the main storylines has revolved around the beloved Cailtin Snow's transformation into the evil Killer Frost. Ever since Barry went to the trouble of changing the timeline in the Season 2 finale, he has had to deal with the consequences of his actions throughout Season 3 — and one of those consequences is the manifestation of Caitlin's powers. And while the icy abilities forced her to go rogue already, she overcame those dark urges. But judging by the brand new season 3 trailer, it looks like she's struggling to suppress the killer within.

Check out the brand new Season 3 trailer below:

While the new trailer basically builds upon the previous one, the standout difference is the reveal that Barry's attempts to save Iris by changing the future could also have ramifications on Caitlin. As we've well-established by now — there are always side-effects to messing with time. However, it seems there is the possibility that this time, they could be positive side effects.

Caitlin Can't Suppress Killer Frost

Despite overcoming her demons last year, it seems that Caitlin will once again find herself in the clutches of her inner ice queen. While we already saw her achieve some success through the use of Cisco's metahuman power-dampening handcuffs, it's beginning to look like they may no longer doing the job. The trailer suggests that she's having trouble keeping Killer Frost at bay as her eyes turn white like the villain's.

Caitlin is having trouble controlling her metahuman abilities.
Caitlin is having trouble controlling her metahuman abilities.

Furthermore, she worriedly informs the team that she's afraid of waking up one day, totally consumed by the abilities. So this has us wondering, is she experiencing even more Frost-like symptoms than the trailer reveals? Moreover, does this mean we could get a heroic Killer Frost, or a deadly one?

So while Caitlin's personality was restored and she reunited with Team Flash by the midseason finale, it looks like it won't be long until Killer Frost takes hold again and unleashes another icy rampage on Central City.

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Barry Will Change The Future For Iris — And Caitlin

As we already know, the second half of Season 3 will see Barry attempt to save Iris' life and stop her impending death at the hands of Savitar. And in order to do so, Barry must change the future, by changing any one of the events leading up to Iris' death. This should end up creating a chain reaction that will ripple through the timeline and perhaps save Iris' life.

Iris wants the gang to help Caitlin as well.
Iris wants the gang to help Caitlin as well.

But it seems like Iris isn't the only one in desperate need of a new future, and despite her precarious position in time, Iris is willing to help Caitlin in the process. This is conveyed in the new trailer when Iris claims that her future "isn't the only one that we need to change.", after which we immediately see Caitlin struggling to repress Killer Frost.

Barry Allen is no stranger to messing with the timeline — after completely rewriting the past more than once, he now sets his sights on the future, where he looks to do the same in order to save his one true love. However, it seems now that they are somehow going to alter something else to save Caitlin too. But what could that be?

The Flash and Killer Frost already came face to face earlier this season. (via The CW)
The Flash and Killer Frost already came face to face earlier this season. (via The CW)

What Does She Need Changed In The Future?

Helping Caitlin with her Killer Frost issue is completely understandable — she's Caitlin and nobody wants to see her become a villain. However, that doesn't change the fact that she already has Killer Frost's abilities — they were a result of Barry's timeline meddling in the past. So the question is — what good is changing the future going to do, if Killer Frost is already lurking within in the present?

A future that needs changed: Killer Frost's fight with Cisco. (via The CW)
A future that needs changed: Killer Frost's fight with Cisco. (via The CW)

There is one moment that the gang might want to stop from ever happening — the future fight between best friends Cisco and Catlin as Vibe and Killer Frost. Remember, earlier this season, Cisco vibed Caitlin and saw the two of them fighting somewhere down the line in the future? It's likely that Caitlin and Iris' plan would involve making sure that this moment would never come to pass, because if it were to happen, it may mark the end of Caitlin's allegiance to the team forever.

Moreover, perhaps Caitlin will turn to extreme methods to remove her powers, or perhaps when Barry alters one little thing to save Iris, he could end up creating a giant shockwave that would change the timeline for the better — we can certainly hope so!

Killer Frost unleashes her powers.
Killer Frost unleashes her powers.

There's no doubt about it that Barry will do whatever it takes to protect Iris from Savitar, and that includes altering any event in the future to stop her death from coming to pass. But as the new trailer has revealed, it seems like Iris is willing to do the same thing for Caitlin — who is terrified of being swallowed up by her other persona, Killer Frost.

As Barry learns as much about the future as he can so he will know which events to change and hopefully end up changing the timeline, we have to wonder what terrible event are they hoping to stop Caitlin from committing. Or are they simply terrified that their friend will give in to her villainous alter-ego?

No matter what happens, it looks like Killer Frost is alive and well within Dr. Snow, and the new trailer has highlighted that Team Flash are going to do whatever it takes to protect not just Iris, but Caitlin as well.

Do you think the gang will save Caitlin from Killer Frost? Let us know in the comments below!


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