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Though the first reaction of many at the mention of a reality TV star considering running for office would be a hearty, incredulous laugh, the idea of a celebrity transitioning from product endorsements to politics doesn't seem all that ludicrous now that Donald Trump is president of the United States.

Granted, before being and a highly publicized member of the Kardashian Klan, Jenner was an Olympic athlete responding to the name of Bruce — still, she seems to have very little experience with actual politics. Yet in the wake of the release of her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, she feels like she could potentially embrace a political career one day.

'I Would Seriously Look At A Run'

At an event at New York's 92nd Street Y community center, Jenner discussed her political involvement and her Republican affiliations, which have led many to raise an eyebrow in the past, considering some Republicans' damaging statements and measures concerning transgender people. Though she'd endorsed Trump before, she claimed her work with the transgender community was her priority:

"My loyalties are not with Donald Trump. I will come after him and come after Republicans if they come after my community."

She's recently created the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation to support transgender rights, and has been very vocal about Trump's revoking of a transgender bathroom policy in February. Her statements mark a sharp turnaround from what she told CNN last year, where she was convinced that "Trump seems to be very much for women" and "very much behind the LGBT community."

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Despite her rejection of Trump's latest move, she says working from the inside of the government would be a possibility, too:

"Or would I be better working from the inside. If that is the case... I would seriously look at a run. It just depends where I could be more effective."

After all, what better candidate than someone who's already put every little detail of their life in the spotlight? She just needs to publish The Secrets of My Life Part 2 and she wouldn't ever have to feel threatened by a scandal rising from some hidden fact about her! Unfortunately, what she says from now on won't be scandal-proof.

What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner's involvement in politics?

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