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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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On Friday night at the LGBT Awards, Caitlyn Jenner went from receiving the Loud And Proud trophy to being bombarded with transphobic abuse. Turning up to the event in a beautiful black sequin ballgown, Caitlyn attended the ceremony held in the Grand Connaught Rooms in London's Covent Gardens in high spirits. However, it was as she was leaving the event that she was both verbally and physically abused and the police were called to investigate the incident.

Caitlyn Received Rapturous Applause When Receiving Her LGBT Award

In recognition of her highly publicized transition from Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner back in 2015, Caitlyn was honored with the Loud And Proud trophy at the LGBT Awards and as she went up to collect it, the crowd went wild. Having recently caused a media stir with her new book 'The Secrets Of My Life' which discusses at length her coming to terms with her true gender identity, Caitlyn was very much the bell of the LGBT Awards ball — but not everyone was to lend her their support.

Not Long Later She Was The Victim Of Physical And Verbal Abuse

It was as Caitlyn was leaving the Grand Connaught Rooms that she was cruelly confronted with transphobic abuse. According to The Sun Online, a source claimed that:

"[Caitlyn] had such a wonderful time but as she went to leave the whole atmosphere changed."

It was as she was making her way from the venue to her car that what is believed to be a photographer shouted to her:

"Oi, Bruce, get your d*** out". Then someone else threw something at her. It was horrible.'

This horrific combination of both verbal and physical abuse is a stark reminder that transphobia still runs rife in our seemingly progressive modern society. While Caitlyn was at an awards ceremony celebrating the wonderful diversity of humanity in all its many forms, she only had to step outside the door of this inclusive haven to taste the bitterness of ignorance and ill-founded hatred.

The Police Were Called To Investigate The Hate Crime

Following the incident, the Metropolitan Police were called to the scene to investigate the abuse which was officially being referred to as a "hate crime." Speaking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Met said the following:

"Police were called on Friday May 12 at 11.40pm to an awards event in Great Queen Street, WC2, following an allegation of a hate crime."

It appears that one of the event organizers had decided to inform the law in the aftermath of the deplorable crime:

"Officers attended and spoke to one of the organizers who alleged that a photographer had verbally abused a woman and a man as they were leaving the event."

Caitlyn is yet to make a formal statement following the aggressive incident, but it acts as a painful reminder to us all that transphobia is very much alive and that such hateful incidents must be reported immediately to the police.

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