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It's Caity Lotz's birthday! 's star is turning 30 on December 30! Caity Lotz plays Sara Lance, a.k.a. in . Sara Lance, trained by the League of Assassins, is an expert swordswoman and can perform acrobatics while fighting opponents. However, Lotz not only plays a badass character but she's a badass herself.

Lotz gets to perform a lot of her own stunts, especially fighting scenes due to her background as a professional dancer and martial arts practitioner. In an interview with E! Online she said:

- Are you doing a lot of your own stunts? Are you even allowed to?

"Before I even started acting, I almost was gonna be a stuntwoman. So I've done a lot of martial arts training and a lot of fight choreography training, because you know there's kind of a little bit of a difference. On the show, I have an amazing stunt double and she does a lot of stuff for me because, two reasons – one, we don't really have time. I'm shooting a scene and they're shooting her, you know, jumping off of a roof top or whatever, and also insurance purposes. But luckily a lot of my fighting I do get to do, and I've had a little bit of training out here with our stunt coordinator, which was a lot of fun." - Caity Lots, E! Online

With that in mind and in celebration of her birthday, here are 13 times that was a total badass on Instagram!

1. That Time She Wielded Two Swords Like Nobody's Business

If this isn't badass, I don't know what is.

2. When She Keeps Her Cool After Making A Mistake

This gem shows us Lotz as Sara Lance in action! Look at her intimidating stare even after she breaks into a smile.

3. And That Time She Trespassed Because She Really Wanted to See The Waterfall

She's a real daredevil. Oh, and she did get a ticket for that one, totally worth it.

4. When Her Definition Of Messing Around Means Head Spinning

I don't know about you, but messing around for me basically means sitting around (not on my head).

5. Or When She Thinks That This Is "Rusty As Hell"

Ok, now she's just bragging.

6. That Time She Hung Out With Her Badass Friends

1 badass, 2 badasses, 3 badasses.

7. That Time When She Showed Off Her Abs

And made a "tuff face" with co-start !

8. And Let's Not Forget That Time She Combined Her Swordsmanship With Her Air Flips

Proving she's basically a ninja.

9. And That Time She Took Her Acrobatic Skills To The Water


10. And That Time She Stroke This Awesome Pose

Being a badass wouldn't really count unless you can pose like one.

11. Oh And That Time She (Sort Of) Held The Life Of All CW Supes In Her Hands

She's so scary! ;)

12. And When Her Resistance Training Is On Point

She puts my work out routine to shame.

13. And Of Course That Time She Chilled With An Adorable Rat

Every superhero needs a side kick. Look at the cute rat!

Happy birthday Caity Lotz! DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns on The CW January 24 (on a Tuesday instead of Thursday night). Check out the promo below:


Who's your favorite 'Legend'?


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