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This article contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 2.

's move to The CW has provided the superhero drama with so many positives, from Superman appearing on the show to the epic crossover events with the . However, the network jump came with one major snag: the show lost Calista Flockhart and her remarkable character Cat Grant.

The star was unable to make the move from L.A. to Vancouver, where Supergirl now films, and as a result her character was written out of the show. However, it looks like our dreams have come true as, according to TVLine, Flockhart will be returning to Supergirl for the final episodes of Season 2.

Yas Queen! Cat Grant is coming back. [Credit: CBS]
Yas Queen! Cat Grant is coming back. [Credit: CBS]

Cat Grant was last seen in the second episode of Season 2 when she departed National City in search of a new beginning for herself. Flockhart was initially supposed to recur throughout the season but has remained absent since her character's departure. No details are available yet as to what leads to Cat's return, but with Tyler Hoechlin donning the Superman outfit once again for the finale, it looks like Supergirl is pulling out all the stops for its biggest episode yet.

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[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

The relationship between Cat and Kara Danvers was a crucial part of Supergirl's first season — with Cat becoming a mentor for Kara both professionally and personally. At the end of Season 1 Cat promoted Kara, allowing the secret superhero to choose a career path of her own; Kara, like her cousin, chose journalism.

Due to Cat's departure, Kara has been working under the leadership of both Snapper Carr and Jimmy Olsen, neither of whom replicate the hole left by Cat.

Snapper has been verbally abusive towards Kara on several occasions, which is at stark contrast to Cat's affection and encouragement. Moreover, Snapper actually sacked Kara, leaving Supergirl without a day job — something that Cat Grant would have never condoned.

Perhaps Flockhart's return will see Cat returning to National City to reinstate Kara and give Snapper Carr a much needed telling off, reminding him of who is actually in charge.

With Cat Grant and Superman both returning for the finale, it looks like Supergirl is currently the superhero show to beat. Flockhart was arguably the greatest thing about the first season of Supergirl, and her presence on the show has been sorely missed.

Let's hope this return will lead to many more appearances in the third season, because we've missed Cat and her remarkable sass!

Supergirl returns to The CW with new episodes starting April 24th.


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