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It was another great Game of Thrones episode this week with "The Queen's Justice" and, as per usual, the show brought many moments back to our minds with some amazing callbacks to previous seasons and episodes.

While Daenerys is struggling to keep her allies and troops afloat and Cersei seems to have the upper hand for now, these help bring characters and some of their story arcs to a close, while reminding us why it's so important to pay attention to every little detail in Game of Thrones.

Note: This post contains moderate spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3.

Pissing Off The Edge Of The World

Tyrion and Jon made a ton of references to the time they journeyed together to the Wall, during Game of Thrones Season 1. From Tyrion greeting Jon as "Ned Stark's bastard" to Jon questioning if Tyrion actually believed in the White Walkers and the Night King — since while Tyrion was at the Wall, he clearly didn't — all these callbacks between Jon and Tyrion really help strengthen the point that the two are in excellent terms. Last week's episode had Tyrion vouching for Jon Snow and this week, upon Jon's arrival at Dragonstone, Tyrion confirmed his opinion that he not only trusted, but also believed in the "honest man" Jon Snow.

Tyrion also had a brief callback moment with Ser Davos, when he acknowledged the Onion Knight as his opponent in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, which for Ser Davos didn't go so well.

Stark Men & Targaryens

A line that has been coming up ever so frequently this season (and frankly, I'm starting to get a bit worried for Jon) is that "Stark men don't fare well when they travel South." This week, it was Tyrion who mentioned it to Jon as they were going from the beach to the castle in Dragonstone. With Jon being compared to Ned Stark more and more, this continuous reference to the tragic fate the Starks face when they they're summoned by kings and queens might mean one of two things: Either Jon will be the one who gets away and survives a relationship with Dany, or he'll face the absolutely same fate his grandfather and uncles did so far.

'Children Are Not Their Fathers'

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Usually, a callback references prior seasons, but this one is fresh out of the Season 7 premiere. While Sansa was questioning the reward for loyalty and the punishment for treason in Winterfell a couple of episodes back, Jon made sure that he wouldn't blame the children for the sins of their fathers. Well, in "The Queen's Justice," we've heard this claim twice; Daenerys asked Jon for forgiveness over the terrible things her father did to his grandfather and uncle, and Tyrion quoted it back to Jon when they were trying to find some common ground up on the brooding hill.

Queen Of Ashes

In another callback from this season, Jon showed Daenerys just how similar their thinking is, when he reasoned that the only excuse for her not to have invaded King's Landing yet was because she didn't "want to kill thousands of innocent people." Jon's line gave Dany a moment's pause, but the Queen was pretty adamant on her being the rightful heir — and wanting Jon to kneel, of course. Moving forward, perhaps when faced with the state of her forces, Dany will rethink this strategy and will finally "be a dragon," and maybe Jon will be the one to bring her back from the brink of madness.

Tywin 2.0

Euron Greyjoy has become, without a doubt, the villain Game of Thrones has been missing for a while. Unlike the all-evil Cersei, Euron is more of a possessed mad man, who gets funny lines and punches. But in "The Queen's Justice," Euron gained some respect by bringing Cersei the gifts he'd promised her in the premiere. A testament to just how powerful and revered Euron is in King's Landing at the moment was the fact that he was allowed to parade into the throne room riding his horse. The only other person to ever have done that on the show was Tywin Lannister, after he took the credit for winning the battle of Blackwater Bay in Season 2. Considering Tyrion killed Tywin, well, there's hope still.

Kiss Of Death 2.0

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

As far as reenactments go, this one was pretty anticipated. When Euron Greyjoy captured Ellaria Sand and her daughter Tyene in the last episode, we all began to imagine the million ways Cersei would exact her revenge on Ellaria for killing her daughter Myrcella, back in Season 5. Truth is, in some cases, it's best to stick to the facts, and Cersei did to Tyene pretty much the same thing Ellaria did to Myrcella. With a girly pink — and poisoned — lipstick, Cersei gave Tyene the kiss of death. Of course, that's not enough for the Mad Queen, and Ellaria's real punishment will be to watch her daughter die and rot without being able to do anything about it.

You've Got Raven

By far, one of the most expected moments of the series was shown last season, as Bran became the Three-Eyed Raven and saw the birth of Jon Snow — discovering he's Lyanna Stark's son, not Eddard's. Now that Bran is back home in Winterfell (yay!), he's struggling to deal with his new-found Raven powers. On one hand, he created a pretty awkward moment when he told Sansa the details of her wedding night — and what happened to her subsequently. On the other hand, it was nice to know Bran actually has something important enough to tell Jon that needs to be said face-to-face. I mean, he could have sent a Raven from the Wall, but one's lineage is too important to be sent in the mail, I guess.


This wasn't a literal callback, but it was still a nice nod to one of Jon Snow's most relevant relationships in the whole Game of Thrones series. We all remember how Jon met and fell in love with the Wildling Ygritte, and how her favorite line to say to him was "you know nothing, Jon Snow." Well, this week, another pretty lady used the same structure to give Jon yet another lecture. After much debating, Dany finally agreed to let Jon mine the dragonglass from Dragonstone, but when he asked her if she believed in the Night King and the White Walkers, she simply said: "You better get to work, Jon Snow." Does it mean Jon and Dany will actually get together and create the Song of Ice and Fire?

What did you think of this week's episode of Game of Thrones? Did you get all these callbacks? Do you have another to add in the comments?


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