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(WARNING: The following contains some mild, largely indirect plot SPOILERS for recent episodes of Fox's Gotham — if you aren't all caught up, then proceed with caution.)

Now, for a show purportedly about the origins of (and Jim Gordon), 's has long since found itself far more interested in examining the first steps of its more villainous residents. The Penguin was the first breakout fan-favorite, but even he couldn't quite trump the eventual arrival of as the distinctly -like Valeska.

And, while the most recent episode of the show is being widely heralded as the "birth of Batman," it's also notable that it has very much positioned Jerome as the show's Joker, too. That, however, didn't stop Monaghan's villain from departing for a while — Monaghan is still under contract for Showtime's — but it did lead to a ridiculously intriguing Instagram video, courtesy of the man himself. And, so:

Let's All Watch Cameron Monaghan Remove His 'Gotham' Joker Mask

After all, if there's one thing cooler than watching Monaghan chew the scenery in Gotham, it might just be getting to watch his impressive makeup be removed in moderately creepy fashion.

At least, until the next time we get to see Jerome menace the good citizens of Gotham, that is.

What do you think, though? Are you excited to see Jerome return to Gotham in the near future? Let us know below!


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