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There's still a few months to go before Grey's Anatomy returns to screens for its fourteenth season, but that hasn't stopped cast member Camilla Luddington — a.k.a Jo Wilson (a.k.a Brooke Stadler) — from dropping a few hints at what the upcoming season may bring for her character.

While Luddington's character, Jo, kept a relatively low profile over the course of Season 13 (partly due to Luddington's pregnancy), she'll likely have a lot more screen time when the show returns in September. And, eager to keep fans interested over what's next for the lovable Dr. Wilson, Luddington posted an intriguing gif on Twitter toward the end of June:

In the tweet Luddington attached a gif of Justin Chambers' character, Alex leaning in for a kiss before pulling away (a moment which the star revealed was actually unscripted). After referring to him in her caption as a "tease," Luddington then goes on to ponder what could be in store for Jo in Season 14, raising the possibility of a relationship by throwing in a sly heart emoji.

Naturally the tweet immediately set off speculation that there could be an Alex/Jo (Jolex) reunion on the cards, with fans totally over the moon. In fact the potential rekindling of Jolex could become a reality given that Jo is still single, having turned down Andrew near the end of Season 13. Meanwhile, Alex obviously still has strong feelings for Jo, going as far to track down her estranged husband, while also realizing that any revenge he exacted on him could result in Jo being put in a dangerous position.

But Luddington wasn't done teasing fans with reminders of Jolex just yet, and more recently she took the time to tweet a happy birthday message to actor Justin Chambers:

While it was a sweet gesture to wish her costar a happy birthday, fans couldn't help but be reminded of Jolex thanks to Luddington referring to Chambers as her "TV love," and also informing fans that Season 14 filming begins next week.

Given that Jo and Alex are two massive Grey's Anatomy fan favorites it seems like the pair are destined to have their share of juicy storylines in the upcoming season. Not to mention that with Glee star, Matthew Morrison in the role of Jo's abusive husband, Paul, it would come as a surprise if the Grey's Anatomy writing team didn't find a way to bring him back for a few more episodes.

If Paul were to return it would be a strange twist for the Jolex storyline. Jo has repeatedly pushed Alex away in the past, in an attempt not to involve him in her complicated marriage, but if Paul were to resurface it would surely mean she would have to turn to Alex for all the support he can give her. Unfortunately whatever happens with the pair, we're still three months out from Grey's Anatomy returning to screens in September, so until then we can only hope Camilla Luddington continues with the Jolex-themed tweets.


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