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Kristen Stewart is normally notoriously tight-lipped about her break up with Robert Pattinson but the star recently opened up to Extra! at the Sundance Film Festival.

Stewart revealed that she found filming Camp X-Ray a welcome escape from the relentlessly Robsten-hungry press and that she enjoyed the escape of intense periods of filming.

When was asked if the movie had allowed her to flee the heightened media scrutiny she replied

It was awesome. We shot in LA like twenty days, five weeks and I really love intense periods of extreme focus where nothing else exists and that's what we needed to do for this.

KStew on the set of Camp X-Ray

I am glad that the self-confessed workaholic found the punishing schedule on set a cathartic experience after her high profile split with . Working punishingly long hours must be a walk in the park compared to the character assassination the Equals star was subject to on a daily basis.

Do you guys think that Kristen is leaning on the structure of work to bolster her personal problems?

(Source: Entertainment Wise via Extra)

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