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If you've been following the Sundance news closely, then you would have noticed that there has been a fair amount of buzz surrounding the new film called Camp X-Ray starring Kristen Stewart.

Stewart has had a tough time trying to shed the teen darling tag which Twilight attached to her, but following her role in the hipsterish On the Road recently and now the intensely gritty Camp X-ray, it seems she's finally ridding herself of the association. In 's Camp X-Ray, Stewart assumes the starring role where- according to the guys over at MTV- she manages to play a leading lady who conveys:

The understated tenacity and vulnerability that has defined much of 's career. With its painfully plain-spoken conflicts and eventually oversold gestures of kindness, Camp X-Ray may offer frustratingly little insight into the hazy world of wartime morality, but if nothing else, it suggests that Stewart may escape her own Twilight-shaped prison yet.

You can find out what attracted Kristen to the part in this short but no less passionate interview below:

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With such buzz coming from extremely reputable sources, we have every faith in those who are currently over there at Sundance and believe that this will be an essential film which see's a Hollywood darling grow into a respected actress.

Do you too have high expectations for Kristen Stewart's new film?

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