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Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 7! If you have yet to see the first two episodes of the show's current season, consider yourself warned: spoilers dead ahead!

If you have yet to see the second episode, here's the official sneak peek of "The Well":

There is no sign of King Ezekiel's pet tiger in the preview, but for those of us who read the comics, it's known that Zeke is rarely seen without , and when Rick & Co. meet the king, Shiva is right there with him. It'll be Morgan and Carol meeting him first this time, so they get the honor of seeing the big kitty first.

As awesome as it was finally meeting Shiva, it raised a couple questions about the walker virus that haven't ever really been answered by the show or comics. They've been visited, hinted at, and danced around, but never answered.

Are Animals Immune, And If So, Where The Hell Did They All Go?

We barely see any animals in the show, and when we do, they usually meet pretty grisly fates. Let's go back over a few as a refresher.

Buttons (Season 5)

Getting his name from a child who saw him running past the town gate, poor buttons gets attacked by a herd of walkers that initially wanted to chow down on Daryl and Aaron. Due to his injuries from the walkers, Aaron had to put him down.

Rick's Horse (Season 1)

The horse was probably doomed from the start, not having any owners to ride him, shoe him, or keep him penned up. (Wait a second. That horse had it made!) Then, Rick had to come along and ride him to his eventual death by walkers in Atlanta. Way to go, Rick.

Tortoise (Season 6)

We never even got to meet you before Enid made a meal out of you. Sayonara, Michelangelo.

Feral Dogs (Season 5)

We were actually kind of glad to see this mean puppies go. I doubt they tasted like chicken, though!

Little Piggies (Season 4)

These little piggies went to the walkers...

So, there are some animals still alive in The Walking Dead, but I guess we have to assume they all either went wild and ran off, like the dogs, or the millions of humans-turned-walkers outnumbered every animal they saw and made a meal out of them.

Whatever happened, there's one more piece of evidence to suggest the animals, or what's left of them, are all immune to the virus...


In the comics, Ekekiel's pet easily takes down walkers:

And more walkers:

And of course, the living, who are probably a lot tastier:

But in the end (SPOILER!), she dies saving her master from a swarm of walkers.

Showing yet again how animals just don't stand much of a chance in this world.

But it possibly proves a big point, that animals are immune to the virus itself. Eating a raw walker seems like a surefire way to get infected...don't you think?

Share your thoughts on the animals of The Walking Dead in the comments!


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