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Warning: Spoilers for Blair Witch below!

Halloween is right around the corner and there's no better way to get you in the holiday spirit than to watch a scary movie. When I sat down to watch the Blair Witch I thought I was prepared for what I was about to see. I figured that the movie would mirror The Blair Witch Project, though perhaps offer a deeper delve into the mythos referenced in the original movie. It did all of that, but what I didn't expect were plot points that suggested the possibility of time traveling houses and beings from other dimensions, or so I think.

The Found Footage Plot Is Like An Episode Of Scooby-Doo, But Scarier.

The premise of the Blair Witch is that Heather — the snotty nose chick from the first movie — may, or may not be in footage discovered by two stoners. Heather's brother, James, is a YouTube fiend and while scouring the site for any evidence related to the Blair Witch, he comes across the stoners' found footage. Believing that his sister is indeed in the grainy YouTube video, James gathers a group of his friends together to follow the stoners into the woods to see where they discovered it. Queue all kinds of zaniness for the rest of the movie, and a plot thread where (gasp) the stoners don't have the best intentions in mind for James and his friends.

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At a certain point in the movie, the stoners end up pissing off James and his crew, which results in the two groups separating. James and his pals decide to camp for the night because (stunner) they end up getting lost. During the night, some weird noises wake up James and his friends, and they end up crossing paths with the stoners. Now here is where my time traveling theory comes into play; when James meets back up with the stoners it feels like eight or so hours have passed, but the extremely disheveled and hungry stoners are adamant that not hours, but days have passed. The stoners are also adamant that daylight has ceased to exist.

The male stoner (his gender will come into play in a moment) decides to leave everyone behind because he doesn't believe that James and his friends are who they say they are, as if the Blair Witch is impersonating them in order to draw the male stoner into a false sense of security.

A Time Traveling House, Minus The Flux Capacitor

Towards the conclusion of the film, some members of the group find the old house from the first movie. Oddly, the house is in a spot where earlier in the film it wasn't, which leads me to believe that it can move through time. Now, I know what your thinking, "Houses can't move through time." True, but there are some things that happen near the house that supports the idea that, actually, this one can.

While inside of the house, James notices a bright, white light outside of the house that eventually engulfs it. Simultaneously, a hyper speed sound effect can be heard. I was waiting for someone to say, "Chewie, we're home," but that never happened. What did happen was that people who went missing in the woods started showing up in the house, but mysteriously disappearing within moments of appearing. Now I'm no Doc Brown, but people appearing and disappearing can only mean one thing, time travel.

If that's not evidence enough that time travel is going on, try this on for size; the clean shaven male stoner somehow has a full blown beard when he makes a guest appearance inside of the house. Now he could just be a very mature dude who can grow a beard in less than 24 hours, but my money is on time travel.

Why Time Travel Wasn't Expected, But Makes Perfect Sense

The Blair Witch Project led me to believe that the spirit of Elly Kedward, a woman executed for performing witchcraft in the 18th century, caused Rustin Parr in the 1940s to kidnap children and kill them in his basement. Whatever happened to Mr. Parr after he was arrested was never explained, and in the movie's conclusion, it appeared that Heather found Mr. Parr’s residence before possibly meeting her doom.

I walked out of The Blair Witch Project thinking that it was the witch that caused all the problems for Heather and her friends. I never gave much thought about how an 18th century old entity would be able to cause problems for those in the 20th. It's certainly possible that a time traveling witch could be the answer. However, after watching the Blair Witch and reading the below tweet sent out by its writer —

— I'm now leaning towards the belief that the witch did something to open up a portal to another dimension, and that the portal distorts time if you get too close to it.

I'm going with the portal-that-has-time-altering-capabilities theory for the following two reasons:

  • The old lady from the first movie described a yeti-like witch, and in the current movie we see a naked, long-limbed entity crawling around. Obviously, two different beings that could have entered our world from an open portal a la Stranger Things.
  • All of the time travel that occurs in this movie is too blatant to be thrown away as not important.

I re-watched The Blair Witch Project and a loss of days, and/or daylight was never expressed by Heather and her crew. They got lost, and time moved on, but there was clearly a cycle of time based on the sun rising and setting. Regardless, the time traveling aspects added to the Blair Witch mythos creates a layer of intrigue to an already intriguing movie.


Do you think we're dealing with a time-traveling Blair Witch?


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